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Does anyone find this funny?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) September 7th, 2008

the picture that bill gates has on his card at the shoe circus in this commercial is the one that is of him arrested in new mexico here

look at specifically 56 seconds

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It’s funny.

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I saw the commercial the other day on tv and i couldn’t help but think WTF. I mean whats the point of it? Unless they plan on making some edible computers i dont get it.

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I don’t really think it matters. it was a traffic violation.

I thought the commercial was funny. I don’t think anyone knows yet what it was about.

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i don’t really get it either, am i too smart or too dumb to comprehend? (don’t answer that) oh well, maybe we’ll get a clearer picture in a few weeks… Microsoft Pastrey©, or maybe a microsoft toyline? “Steve Ballmer action figurie, fully posable, with realistic sweat functions, and speech function” (only thing the damn doll can say is “developers”)

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No. Maybe mildly amusing, not funny.

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i think its funny that out of all the pictures of bill gates, they choose that one?

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I think it’s the start of a campaign.

I think Gates is funny as heck. I love his last day video.

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I like that, it’s funny, shows just another human who has been detached from normal society being someone in a normal soceity.

And the speeding ticket photo, pssh, I know people who run countries who’ve had worse then a speeding ticket. I don’t know which is funnier, them using that photo, or the fact that the photo is deemed as a huge failing point in Bill’s life. Heck, we’ve not all failed sometime or another have we? Have we? ;)

Thanks for linking me to the video :)

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I find this commercial extremely funny.
And the fact that the ID photo is a mugshot of him just makes it funnier.

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I don’t understand the point of the commercial either. The last few seconds are the only part that makes any bit of sense at all – where Jerry talks about edible computers then the text pops up and says “The future – Delicious.” The part about the shoes I don’t get.
The picture was funny, but the violation wasn’t that big of a deal.

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i understand that the violation wasnt a big deal. i wasnt trying to make a point that its a big deal i just think its funny that he chose to use that picture

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The picture was funny, .....” I agree it was funny.

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I find myself once again asking how a company as good at marketing as Microsoft is can be so really bad at advertising. Every single ad campaign they launch is weird! This one is no exception.

When you compare them to Apple’s advertising over the years, it is like comparing the machines. Apple’s are straightforward, clean, bright, and these days funny. Microsoft’s are labyrinthine, heavy-handed, and obscure.

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The only good promotion they made was the “Windows Mojave” or whatever thingy.

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I seriously thought the Q was about shoes…till the very end.

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When you watch, it looks to me like someone wrote the commercial hoping to sound like Jerry Seinfeld and then had Jerry Seinfeld come in and do it.

they failed.

I still laugh at Bill Gates though. He just makes me laugh.

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