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How can I record the iPhones screen?

Asked by MrBlogger (382points) August 31st, 2008

Just like how steve presents a new feature in the iPhone. He almost always gives a demo and I was wondering how I could do this. It would be great for how-tos.

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you can take a screen shot by pressing the hold and home buttons at the same time, It saves it to the camera roll

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I know that. How do I take a video?

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What I do is I open whatever I want to do in the iPhone Simulator and then use a screen recording tool on my Mac. Obviously this is limited to your own compiled apps and the Safari web browser but if that is all you are using then it works very well, plus you can record the fake iPhone hardware which appears as a frame around the iPhone simulator. Just stick a white background behind the simulator. Does anyone know how they do of at keynotes? I they must have video out for the whole iPhone OS at least for their demos, maybe they do a bit of hackery to do it?

Otherwise, film your iPhone close-up in a dark room so you can only see the screen-then try cropping that screen portion out, just make sure the camera and the phone are both still at all times- tripod and table required!

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Sorry are you talking about the iPhone on the screen that you get when your a developer? If you are im not a developer.

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You can get the iPhone simulator without being a developer. Just download the SDK.

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The app Apple uses is custom. You can’t download it. The best you can do is Aspen and a Screen Capture utility. You are screwn, unless there is a app that does this. But I doubt it.

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Alright thanks guys. :)

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You’re also talking about Steve, the master at getting anything he wants. So, if he wants an animated screen capture utility, he gets it. I’m not so sure about your luck however… Sorry…

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@joey whats the hold button and which home buttons do I press?

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now you can record video with your iphone mrblogger, with iphone video recorder.

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@glitterrrrfish: Hold down the button at the top, and the big button on the front with the white square on it at the same time. You should see the screen flash white. Then go into ‘Photos’ and it will be on the Camera Roll. This works with iPod Touches too.

@diego018: That couldn’t be further from what the question is asking for, he wants to record the screen not record with the phone!

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Poo. I guess they’res no solution yet. DEVELOPERS MAKE THIS APP!

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Oh and make it look good. Not an ugly User Interface. Yuck

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@blue it doesn’t turn white at all. It just asks to power off and there are no screen shots either

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Yes it does. Theres a flash of white. You have to press the home and sleep/wake button fast at the same time. Not hold.

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@glitterrrrfish – It only works with the 2.0 software or later, so if you’re trying with the older 1.1.4 software, that might be why you’re not seeing a flash.

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yea I had the 1.1.3 I updated it, it works now

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I know it’s probably no help now, but the 3GS takes video. lol

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