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What idea do you wish you had followed through on before covid?

Asked by JLeslie (60153points) 1 month ago

Do you think you will do it once life gets back to normal again?

For a few years my husband and I would half joke about making a show about living here in The Villages. Maybe a half our show of what life is like here.

Next year the documentary Some Kind of Heaven is going to be released, and after watching the trailer I am disgusted. It doesn’t look like it represents what it is really like here for most people at all. I hope it isn’t going to be as bad as I think.

I kind of wish I had made some efforts to show life here. Even if it was just youtube or facebook live. My angle would be lighthearted and fun.

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More orgies.

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I wish that I would have gotten my lower abdominal hernia repaired last December. It’s not getting any better. Tired of wearing a truss.

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Looking at the trailer you posted, I’m very interested in that documentary. It looks like a multi-perspective take on The Villages.

I kind of wish I had done some work on my kitchen before the pandemic and I wish I had gotten in one more trip – but then I usually do travel a few times a year.

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I would have strived to get our passports earlier last summer, and we would have made the trip to Scotland like my daughter wanted. Instead, I took my time getting the passports, and so it was too late in the summer season to plan the trip, and we were going to go this summer (2020). Now we can’t go until at least summer 2021.

a friend went to The Villages for a tour and she said she didn’t like how the tour guide referred to everything like we’re a big family, “we do this and we do that,” and she also didn’t like that it was a sea of grey heads.

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Thanks for the answers so far and I really appreciate the perspectives on The Villages and the movie even though I didn’t ask for that directly in the Q, I wish I had. Maybe I will make another Q about that one day. Maybe when the movie is released.

@janbb I hope it is multifaceted as you say, and I can appreciate the artist who created the film was trying to show a particular POV, but my city gets so much bad press that it feels like people are predisposed to thinking The Villages is full of people who are swingers with STD’s, people who are antisemitic, racist, hateful, mean, just so much negative, and it’s frustrating. Those are bad apples in a sea of wonderfulness. The movie I guess touches on some of the difficulties people have while aging and finding their new niche, which I can appreciate it. I heard that one of the main characters in the film does not even live in The Villages. I want to see the documentary, and I hope it is more well rounded than I am assuming.

@jca2 Partly because more people here don’t bother to dye their hair than other places I have lived. Less pressure to look young. I can see how the “we” thing could put someone off. I am not much of a “joiner” so that use of the term we would possibly rub me the wrong way too. My first few months here it was a little eerie how everyone seemed to drink The Villages Koolaid. Very Stepford feeling as I have said before. You almost wonder if people are afraid to say they don’t like it here, like they will be dragged away and disappear LOL.

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I had my first ever mammogram scheduled for March…..

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