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Do you sleep in the guest room sometimes?

Asked by JLeslie (60153points) 1 month ago from iPhone

In my current house I wind up in the guest room a lot. The master bedroom is right off of the living room and my husband is a light sleeper and often goes to sleep earlier than me. If I make noise in the living room it bothers him, so I’ve taken to watching TV in the guest room, and sometimes fall asleep there.

I have a toothbrush in both the master and guest bathrooms.

I sometimes move back to my master in the middle of the night or when I wake up in the morning.

It’s completely random. I might sleep two nights in the guest room and then two weeks in my master bedroom and then five days in the guest room.

My bed in my master is much more comfortable by the way. I don’t notice really except when I do directly from the guest room to my master.

I like having the option.

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You do know that not everyone is affluent enough to have a “guest bedroom” right?

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^^Of course I know that. The only reason I have a guest room is because I don’t have children, or they would be in that room. My house is a 3/2 2,000 sq. ft. I’m not roaming around in a mansion. I doubt your house had only one bedroom. What kind of comment is that? A one bedroom apartment can be a million dollars in some cities and they don’t have a guest room.


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My guest room became my daughter’s room. If I had it back as a guest room, I definitely could envision myself sleeping in there, as long as it was comfortable.

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My whole top floor which has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom could be a guest penthouse since the kids moved out.

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Yes. I think the old custom of seperate rooms was a good one, personally. My husband has terrible sleep issues so options are nice.

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Rick’s back went bad so he moved out of our water bed to the queen bed up stairs.
He’s happy, I’m happy (he snores insanely.)

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Years ago I knew someone who had a guest room.

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I don’t have guest room per se. The kids moved out and started their own lives, and I have two empty bedrooms that guests will occasionally use.

And I never sleep in either of them, even though they have beds and bedding and all that.

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We have a spare bedroom. We spent the night in it once, and took a nap in it another time. That’s it in 10+ years. This year, I suffered from a shoulder injury and moved down to the sofa in the middle of the night. The sofa back supported my back while sleeping on the uninsured side.

I’ve offered to sleep in the guest room upon returning to the UK in two weeks in an effort to isolate. Apparently, that is not an option, as my partner purchased and set up a plant table on top of the bed so that we can grow our own herbs.

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I don’t have a guest room. I guess my couch would be the closest to what you are speaking about. I have slept on my couch.

My family has only one bathroom. All toothbrushes belong there.

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What guest room? I have slept on the couch in the living room few times, when I stepped in it with Mamma Bear. Until I figured a way to make her feel sorry for me and allow me back in her good graces. Couch is actually pretty cozy though.

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