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What perfectly ordinary, not-unusual, non-special things are you thankful for?

Asked by Jeruba (52242points) November 28th, 2020

It’s never too late to be grateful.

On Thanksgiving Day we mentioned some odd things we were thankful for. How about some completely normal things that not everyone can enjoy?

I wish there were another way to say that, because gratitude implies the recognition of a giver; but given or not, some things are worth noting as gladly received or experienced.

Number one on my list: being able to walk across a room under my own power.

Closely followed by a functioning digestive system and the ability to think clearly most of the time.

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That I hooked up my new phone without having a panic attack. Also I am grateful for safe drinking water from my tap.

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Oh, every time I look at my daughter I get a rush of gratitude that she’s so wonderful, and in my life. A completely unbiased sentiment.
The rest pales after that simple thing. But being able to have dogs rates pretty high, too.

And your thinking clearly thing is up there, too.

Normalcy is actually a blessing.

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My health. I forget about this constantly. It is only while experiencing the stories from my peers that I understand that freedom from pills, orthopedic tools and chronic conditions is no longer “usual or non special”.

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Oh, and breathing. Damn near forgot breathing, despite having had some long bouts with bronchial asthma in my distant past. That’s when I learned that when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters very much.

My husband is currently losing all those things right before my eyes, so I have an acute awareness of them, even though gratitude for ambulation (not to be confused with ambulance) is one I’ve held in mind for many years now.

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Having enough money to provision myself with sufficient good food and a dry, warm comfortable house.

And many of the other things mentioned above except that I have no daughter.

I walked over 5 miles today and I am so glad that my ankle was repaired enough that I can walk well even if it still gets achey at times.

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Oh – and are @Jeruba ‘s holiday hats ordinary or extraordinary? I’m grateful for them.

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Dark chocolate.

Chinese food.

Clean water.

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I was thankful we were all healthy and able to eat a nice meal together. I was also thankful our dog listened when I told him to stop begging.

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@janbb speaking of good food, dry warm comfort and housing, I’ve taken to watching these podcasts on youtube from this guy—“Shoestring” the hobo. This man apparently has all of the items you list yet is devoted to hopping freight trains and posting his cell phone shot adventures. The man knows more about railroading and its relationship with the country than you can imagine. And he knows the entire country including alaska, all of the freight classification yards, locomotive and rolling stock maintenance shops. He’s seen and apparently traveled them all. His travels and ordeals are fascinating and informative to watch. It’s a huge body of work, and actually a rather remarkable achievement.

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Clean water from a tap any time I want it.

My loving children.

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I’m always grateful when I’m not feeling any pain.

I’m grateful I haven’t had a heart attack or stroke yet. I feel like it’s inevitable.

I’m grateful for my screened in covered patio.

I’m grateful for my girlfriends where I live who make covid a little easier.

I’m grateful my sister and I do FaceTime exercise and catch up during this covid mess.

I’m grateful my husband is a good man.

I’m grateful to be living in The Villages, and even more that I live in Florida.

I’m grateful I can set my thermostat so I am comfortable inside my home.

I’m grateful to have food and shelter and feel relatively safe.

I’m grateful I can dance.

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I’m simply grateful that I am independent and all that goes with that. Having watched my mom suffer through Alzheimer’s in a nursing home for ten years really made an impact on me.

I feel grateful that I am able to manipulate my environment on my own. Controlling the heat and cold settings, putting on blankets, getting up to get a glass of water, walk up the stairs, drive my car to the store, use the bathroom on my own…the list goes on and on.

When I go to sleep at night and am able to wash up, put on my own pajamas and slide into whatever linens I choose I am so very grateful.

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Toilet paper
Mint extract
Pre-made pie crust
Pine trees

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My heart beating in normal sinus rhythm is pretty sweet. Over the last 19 years I’ve gone through a hell of a fight to maintain a normal heart function. Such as: 6 years of taking powerful heart drugs that did more harm than good; multiple hospital stays including 3 surgeries and 12 cardioversions. The cost to my heath insurance companies was far more than $500K.

Yesterday a friend asked me how I feel. I said, “Terrific!”. It is so sweet to have adequate oxygen rich blood being pumped the your brain.

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Family I suppose. Although I can’t call them non special because they are to me. I’ll try hard not to be to long winded here. Not long ago, this year in fact, I took a slip at work at
and hit my head against a wall. I went about my business b because I felt no pain and wasn’t bleeding. Anyways my wife and eldest grand son said I was acting goofy and couldn’t talk properly. Next thing I knew I was in a car on the way to one hospital and then an ambulance in route to another. I don’t remember much other than being told, after I came to, that I had gone thru emergency brain surgery due to bleeding on the brain. And that I’d have died of they hadn’t got me in in time. So yeah I’m very grateful for that. And I guess I was out of it or Id never have agreed to surgery. No body freaking cuts my ass open. But I guess I wasn’t given an option. Anyways Neurologist says I’m completely healed, scans A ok and that I recovered very quickly for a guy may age. Just glad I don’t remember much about it because I can’t handle pain. Pain hurts. Lol

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This reminds me of the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. One of my high school teachers would read a page from this book every day.

We’d laugh at the peculiarity of some of the items on the list: “cows with bells…a boy’s first facial hairs…clamdigger shorts”

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@dxs I guess if you’ve got to come up with 14,000, you have to scrape the barrel pretty deeply!

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@janbb Ah yes, scraping barrels. Add that one to the list!

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Clean water
My husband
Bird feeders
Cat trees
Reusable containers

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Hot baths! They are my most reliable de-stresser.

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