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Why do people advertise that they're in a relationship?

Asked by honeybun35 (596points) 1 month ago

People on Facebook put their business out there. One person showed they’re married. Now people are shocked because they didn’t see it coming. No photos of the person or wedding. His name is not even mentioned.

Second situation another posted they were in a relationship. Again they posted that info so of course people are wondering with who. Doesn’t indicate with who at all or no photo. This is someone who post every second.

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To broadcast how desirable they are.
Also to hold off getting hit on.

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Probably a wise move for women. On Face Book anyway. Real world I think the wedding bands are kinda self explanatory.

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Because they want to.

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Why do some people advertise every time they want to fuck some guy?

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I think it’s hard to figure out why anybody does what they do unless you ask them.

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They want you to know that they’re getting something you’re not.

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People do this for many different reasons. But do recall the thrill of being in a new relationship? Some people can’t even contain how happy they are and just want to share this with the world.

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