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How are you expecting your Christmas, Chanukah and winter holidays will be different this year, or are you anticipating visiting like normal?

Asked by jca2 (14971points) December 5th, 2020

Are you expecting Chanukah, Christmas and other winter holidays to be like other years or are you anticipating remote visits via Zoom or phone? Do you enjoy solitude during the holidays?

I stayed home with my daughter on Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed it. I have a few friends that are insisting on gift exchanges this year and I’m not sure what the plans will be for exchanging. If it were up to me, we’d not do gifts at all, as I don’t need anything and if I want something, I just buy it. Last year, I asked a friend if she would consider not exchanging, and she said she really looks forward to getting gifts from me. Flattering, but my thought was “ugh.”

For Christmas itself, I’d be very happy to stay home with my daughter.

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I’ll be staying home on my own. If there are some very mild days, I may have a friend or two over for socializing on the deck.

For Chanukah, since my sons are grown, I’ve never done much as it is basically a for kids holiday. I will light candles some nights and say the prayers. I usually have a friend or two over for latkes one night but I will only do that if we can eat outside.

Christmas I will spend alone. I’ve ordered some treats for myself that I will wait and open on Christmas morning and will have a nice breakfast in front of my fireplace. I’m going to order a nice new novel to read. I had invited two neighborhood friends over for afternoon tea on Christmas but since the upsurge, I’m not sure any of us will be comfortable with that.

New Year’s Eve, I’ll probably go to bed early after doing a little “goodbye to 2020” jig!

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@janbb: Yeah, good riddance to 2020!

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I’ll be at home with wife, son and grandkids. May get to see my grown grand kids at some point, remains to be seen. But I think it will work out ok. If I don’t get stuck working again.

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Just going to be staying home with my husband. I’m okay with that. I’ll miss some of my family but, the big gatherings always wreck my nerves anyway.

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To add to my answer, i am considering my tradition of baking cookies and have started already. Since I don’t expect to be entertaining over the holidays this year, I’m going to make up plates of cookies for my friends in the neighborhood and drop them off at their homes.

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Edit: I meant “continuing my tradition” not “considering.”

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Hanging with the wife and kids, plus video chats. Grammie and Grandpas side are a long flight away, so thats out, Oma and Opas are close, but unreachable for Canadian border policy. We have a pretty tight family and my daughter cant really use zoom, so it will be pretty melancholy for me, but I imagine the kids will be happy enough with the tree and toys.

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