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Why does the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine need to be kept at sub zero temperatures?

Asked by JLeslie (65512points) December 14th, 2020 from iPhone

What part of the vaccine decays (if that’s the right word) when it hits warmer temperatures?

Also, could they use preservatives and get around the necessity for the cold temperatures?

I heard Moderna doesn’t need to be kept as cold as Pfizer. Why would that be if they are made from similar materials.

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The explanation I heard, is that it is based on mRNA, which is by its very nature extremely short lived.

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It’s to keep the nano-bot technology suspended until it gets in the human body turning everyone into slaves for the Government.<pretty wild conspiracy theory huh? Problem I ran into a lady at the computer store that actually believes this.

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~ ~ Extra strong doses for our neighbors North of the Border.

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Because they’re unstable otherwise

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Obviously, they’re unstable otherwise. I wasn’t sure if it’s the RNA or what part. The RNA isn’t from live tissue if I understand correctly. I found it interesting Moderna and Pfizer have different requirements.

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