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What is one of the funniest lines you've heard in movie?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43035points) 1 month ago

In Bad Boys 2, Martin Lawrence tells Will Smith, “Mike…you’re an enigma.”
Will Smith says “Yeah, I can see that.”

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Centurion: Well…no, sir. I think it’s a joke, sir…like…Sillius
Soddus, or…Biggus Dickus.
Pilate: What’s so funny about Bigguth Dickuth?
Centurion: Well,’s a…a joke name, sir.
Pilate: I have a vewwy gweat fwend in Wome called Bigguth Dickuth.

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Just this weekend, Woody Allen’s character was in bed making love when the woman asked him to talk her in French.

I think he answered he doesn’t speak French. How about Hebrew?

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It changes. Last night I saw Lilo and Stich for the first time and I laughed out loud when Lilo said, “Oh good, my dog found a chainsaw”.

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Jimmy Durante in The Man Who Came to Dinner:

“Come to my room in a half hour and bring a rye bread.”

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Hot Fuzz.

Dr. Robin Hatcher : I’ve told him several times “You shouldn’t eat late at night”.
PC Doris Thatcher : Oh, I dunno. I quite like a little midnight gobble. Haha!
PC Bob Walker : ...cocks.

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Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai

Louie: Jesus Christ! You just shot Moroni. He was Valerio’s brother-in-law!
Ghost Dog: He had a gun. He was going to shoot you.
Louie: Well you might as well shoot me now.
Ghost Dog: I mean you no disrespect.
Louie: Look, if you’re my retainer, whatever the fuck that means, then do what I say and shoot me!
Ghost Dog: *shoots Louie in the arm *
Louie: OWW!!! What the fuck did you do that for?!
Ghost Dog: You told me to.

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Some Monty Python flick, “Pardon me. Is that your finga?” Referring to leprosy.

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From the Eiger Sanction:

[Hemlock throws Pope out of his office]

Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: Don’t forget your trench coat. How’s anybody gonna recognize you without your disguise?

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From “Night in Casablanca”, Groucho Marx. Hotel guest – “That lady is my wife, you should be ashamed!” Groucho – “If that lady is really your wife, YOU should be ashamed!” “I’ll have you know, I own the local laundry!” Groucho – “Well take these pants to be cleaned and pressed. Bring ‘em back by Friday!”

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One more, from Return of the Pink Panther… Inspector Clousseau “Does your dog bite?” “No”. He immediately gets bitten. “You said your dog doesn’t bite!” “That’s not my dog”.

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Steve Martin’s rant in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Along with Edie McClurg’s hilarious response:

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@rockfan Edie McClurg is a national treasure. I love her.

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Groucho: “Ah, Mrs. Rittenhouse! Won’t you… lie down?”
Animal Crackers

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I didn’t like the movie Clue, but it had one of my most repeated lines.

Wadsworth: But, Mr. Boddy threatened to give my wife’s name to the House Un-American Activities Committee unless she named them. She refused, and so he blackmailed her. We had no money, and the price of his silence was that we worked for him for nothing. We were slaves. Well, to make a long story short…

Colonel Mustard: Too late.

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