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It doesn’t look like Royal Stewart to me since that has red and blue in it and hers doesn’t seem to:

I think she’s off the hook.

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I didn’t see a photo when I followed that link.

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@Zaku It’s to the right of the article as I see it. Or Google “Royal Stewart tartan” if it doesn’t display right.

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Its hard to tell from the angle but it could be royal Stewart.
Is that okay? Yes. There are no real rules stating who can or cant wear a particular tartan. If you wanted to be particularly anal you could argue that, as its the tartan of the queen, a british subject could wear it as they are (from a certain view point) a clan member.
What message does it convey? That the wear likes the pattern? That they identify as Scottish?

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@janbb I see it on your link. I meant I don’t see a photo on @Jeruba ‘s link.

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@Brian1946 Wow, I see it in your link, but it doesn’t show up for me when I follow Jeruba’s link. Weird.

I’m pretty sure that at least for most people, wearing a particular tartan isn’t necessarily taken as a statement, even by Scots who are into tartans, unless they have a reason to think the wearer is making a statement by it. On the other hand, Nicola Sturgeon has made a statement by wearing a homeless Tartan in the past, about which there are a LARGE number of articles , so she must be aware people are over-analyzing her mask choices.

There are SO many articles about her wearing the first tartan mask with the homeless tartan, that I didn’t find any commenting about her choice of a different tartan mask, even in the articles which show her wearing a different tartan.

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Well, that’s more than I knew, @Zaku. I just thought I recognized the Royal Stewart tartan and wondered if there was anything in the allusion to royalty that might convey a mixed message.

I look in on The Scotsman from time to time and have a pretty favorable opinion of Sturgeon, but this photo surprised me and I wondered if there were more to it than the obvious matter of preference. People in the public eye often have their visible personal choices analyzed to death, and so I assume they make them with an awareness of that.

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Yes, apparently the Scottish media doesn’t have a lot to think about other than her mask fabric choices.

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Well that and the fact they’ve banned trump from entering the country.

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