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Why is butter different on the west coast?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) September 8th, 2008

I am not talking about the taste, but the dimensions. On the east cost, sticks of butter are longer and skinnier. Here, they are shorter and fatter. Why? My old roomate from Boston mistook the “west coast” butter as being 1/2 sized sticks and put double in the recipe. What’s up with that?

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I don’t know, but now that you mention it, I see that. For recipes, I always go by cup measurements or Tbsps. Regional differences? Helman’s Mayonnaise is called Best Foods on the West Coast too.

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Different cows.

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There are both shapes on the west coast. It just depends on what’s carried in the store you shop at.

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Actually, Marina, Best Foods mayonnaise is known as Hellmann’s on the east coast.

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Everything’s different on the west coast!

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You know, I was just wonder….

Never mind.

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I rarely see the east coast version here. My friend and I went through her various types of butter last night and they were all the squat ones : )

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No, everything is better on the west coast. Everything is different on the east coast.

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Just a marketing preference, apparently. I found this on a food media blog:

”...they are the same weight, but their stocky shape is referred to as “Western stubby.” A name which Gael says “sounds dirty,” and since it sends me to bad Last Tango in Paris-y places, I emphatically agree.

This week, the butter company of my childhood—Land O’Lakes—has announced that it will finally start producing sticks of Western stubby, but only for “the quirky West Coast market,” according to an article on The article mentions that the different shapes of butter exist, oddly enough, honestly because “different regions prefer different butter packaging. Midwesterners like their butter in long and slim sticks, stacked two-by-two into a one-pound block.”

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Wow. Who knew? (Did everyone else immediately have inappropriate thoughts about West coast sexual preferences based on those descriptions?)

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The west coast sucks. :(

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Western stubby???????????????????? I am adding this to my vocabulary immediately. Everything goes better with butter.

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Only because the east coast blows!

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come on now whats with this east coast hate. shesh.

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He started it!

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