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If Trump is sent to prison, but not impeached, does the Secret Service have to post a team in the prison to keep him protected at all times?

Asked by gorillapaws (26042points) 1 week ago

So imagine a scenario where Trump leaves office without being removed from office via impeachment. He is then convicted of a crime in a state court and sentenced to prison time. How does the Secret Service deal with such a scenario?

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Good question but I imagine it depends on the degree of crime. If convicted by the Senate trial in an impeachment, he loses Secret Service protection, so I expect any serious crime would do the same.

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I can’t imagine that the Secret Service would be sent to prison with Trump. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

If Trump were to be imprisoned, it is likely to be something like FCI Butner, which is considered one of the country club prisons.

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@elbanditoroso Butner is Federal prison. He up on state charges in New York, Pennsylvania and couple others I think.

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His most dire consequences are for fraud and tax evasion in NY State, so he might end up in Attica

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I don’t think they’ve had to know the answer to this one before, but I would guess that some special arrangements would be involved.

I certainly hope that if he were found guilty of criminal charges in a court of law, Congress would see sufficient grounds for impeachment.

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This is a great question. But first, if he goes to prison, everyone here knows it will no way in hell resemble any prison they might reserve for one of us. He’ll be squirreled away in a place you or I would consider a spa or resort, and yes the Secret Service will be there to assure he is waited on hand and foot.

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State pens don’t country clubs – - he could end up with Bubba as a cellmate. Attica is not a country club.

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But that’s the beauty of it TW. The requirement for Secret Service standards means that he cannot be housed in a “normal” prison, eat common prison fare, etc. Do you believe for a moment they will permit him to receive the medical attention typical of a state prison?

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Nah, he will be in a luxurious club fed. He won’t be in any danger.

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@Pandora if he is convicted in New York state he’d probably will go to Attica (not a federal pen).

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I wonder if he ends up in Gwantonamo? Being the only place that his supporters can not free him from.

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Maybe the secret service will guard ex-President Trump in a coma with Osama bin Laden in the White House catacombs. At least until his supporters give up.

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