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Do you support open borders (why/why not)?

Asked by Demosthenes (14992points) January 21st, 2021

Let’s just put this question out here. This is purely hypothetical. I am not saying that Biden is going to open the borders. I was inspired by what someone said in another thread: should traveling between the U.S. and Mexico be as easy as traveling between California and Nevada? Why or why not?

Please no one-word “yes” or “no” answers. I’m interested in the reasons behind the answers.

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You should specify what the borders are open to.

- human beings
– capital
– foreign interference (money, etc)
– military (bombs, no-fly zones, etc)

Some people are against humans having the right to flee the violence created when the other things listed are able to move across borders.

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@hello321 I’m specifically talking about humans.

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^ Ok. The interesting follow-up to any answer would be: Why just humans? Aren’t the others inextricably related?

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Otters? Can otters cross?

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@chyna Only if they need to get to the otter side!

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Otters? Hell yeah!

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I’m not shy: NO. Why not? There are many untreated diseases, some unknown, south of the border. Hundreds of thousands of people want to knock down the wall to ‘get a job.’ We dont have that many to give.
Most of our drugs come from Mexico.
I am not a racist. My second best friend was born and raised in Mexico. She tells me stuff. My yard guy is a real cute Mexican. The wall won’t stop the influx; but it slows it down.

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No legal immigrant from Latin America wants open borders. They know what they fled from.

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@Aster: “I am not a racist.” “My yard guy is a real cute Mexican.”

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All I know is that I don’t want the cruel inhumanity at the border that marked trump’s reign.
Having said that, reasonable laws governing our borders is not out of line.

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I want the otters, too.

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@hello321. Right. My yard guy is a real cute Hispanic, then. lol I’m not taking it back. What’s the difference? So now if you say something POSITIVE about Mexicans you’re racist . My last three yard guys were rude Hispanics. Is that racist too?
It’s impossible to ‘get it right.’

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Open borders specifically for travel and leisure purposes. Yeah why not? Good for tourism industry in both sides. My only concern…more drugs getting across.

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I don’t mind open borders. Frankly, immigration is not something that concerns me greatly.

@Aster “Most of our drugs come from Mexico.”

The drugs are going to get in no matter what. As long as there is a demand there will be someone there to serve that demand. Close it up as tight as you want, if the Devil wants in, he’ll get in.

BTW: Anecdotal, but I once had a great-uncle who was member of the KKK. He lived down in south Texas and had a mistress south of the border. Once can find a person attractive and still feel that person is beneath them.

(Not saying anyone here is or is not racist, just saying that physical attraction doesn’t necessarily dispel racism.)

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