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Did you watch Ron Paul on Glenn Beck?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9296points) December 18th, 2007

If not he will be on again at 9PM Eastern on Headline News.
Since there has been some arguing going on on this site about him, and I do not have all the answers for him, he was on for a full hour. All misunderstandings can now be put to rest. We can now agree or disagree with full answers from the Dr., not 30 sec. clips. For those that disagree, why do you disagree? What do you think should be done differently?
In the last 5 minutes, he said exactly what you said about rights. With rights, come responsibilities and morality.

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I didn’t watch Ron Paul on Glenn Beck.

I did watch as the fund raising campaign as it broke the record. I was a little miffed to see so little coverage the next day. USA Today and LA Times did cover it, both mainstream media. I also heard one commentator point out that the in the polls had him at single digits, with emphasis, which indicated this commentators opinion of how the news should be taken.

Raising lots of money is newsworthy and even though it may be indicative of how future fund raising may give more input to individuals rather than corporations. Money is not going to get you elected. You could be a billionaire and fund your campaign from your pocket it won’t get you elected.

Ron Paul is not unknown he is a Congressman from Texas. He ran as the Libertarian candidate for president in 1988 while remaining a Republican. He appears to be there front runner as their candidate this time as well.

I like a lot of what the Libertarians stand for but I can not support a group who believes that Drug use and Prostitution are victimless crimes. Or that by eliminating the drug laws would eliminate the drug problem. Also Paul’s comments, about the criminal behavior of blacks, are generalized and misleading. In addition the murders and rapes he references as well as a multitude of arrests. Most were drug related charges and/or drugs played a roll in the crime. So the idea that drugs becoming legal would solve the problem doesn’t fit his written view of blacks.

Comments made by Ron Paul about Blacks.

In-depth info about Paul

And before this response gets to long, oops too late, Paul’s idea of a competing currency in the USA will throw a wrench into the free market place, as money exchange booths become commonplace, benefiting only those who own the booths.

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I did indeed watch the interview. I will have to say that it was by far one of the best and fairest interviews that I’ve seen. Glenn Beck was rooting for Dr. Paul nearly the entire way, with the exception of terrorism and the War in Iraq. There was also the great but awkward statement by Beck in which he said, “If I weren’t a man, you know…..” Haha. It was great.

For the gentleman above, ironhiway, I have a few things that I want to clear up for you. Libertarians in general probably believe that prostitution and drug use are victimless crimes, but sir I don’t believe Dr. Paul stands for this. Yes, sometimes people are the victims of these things, but it is the principle of liberty that Dr. Paul stands for. He wants the states to decide on these things, and he doesn’t believe that the government should tell a person what to do about his own body.

The racist article you cited is not written by Paul. This was more than ten years ago, and it was written by someone else under his name. You should listen to how Dr. Paul has addressed this issue. Good Day.

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i was watching porn while those clowns were on

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are you a troll?

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Do you mean the two of them were in the same place at the same time, and nobody called in an air strike?

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