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Do you think there will ever be another civil war in the United States?

Asked by Demosthenes (14561points) January 14th, 2022

Would you like there to be one?

I’ve been hearing more talk about the possibility, and not just from the usual suspects on the internet. It’s entered the mainstream media now and they have a way of self-fulfilling their prophecies. But even if you don’t buy that a civil war is in the near future, do you think there ever could be another one in the distant future? What would it be fought over?

Any hypothetical discussion welcome.

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Not very likely. But if there was, it would be between the Blue and the Red.

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“Would you like there to be one?”

That’s meant sarcastic, right?
If so, you can use the tilde, to make that more clear, and not see it getting used as a provocative add-on to your question.

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War is never a good solution to a problem. Do you consider it a solution?

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@rebbel I posted that based on unironic desires for a civil war I’ve seen from people on other sites. Some people really do seem to want it to happen. I don’t think that’s uncommon. The more I read about WWI, the more I’m convinced European powers wanted a war to settle their differences and tensions that had been building up for decades (they just didn’t know the war would be as bad as it ended up being).

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No. There are certain elements that would like that but I don’t think will happen.

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I love the irony of a war to see who gets to fly the flag of the United States.

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With the divisiveness in the states brought on mostly by the fright wing, I can see where people can get that idea.

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This NPR story talks about it occurring in every state, not state agains state, but rural vs urban, red vs. blue.

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Stop hanging out on White Supremacist / White Nationalist websites, @Demosthenes, likes these Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist skinhead and Christian Identity.

FBI is tracking people that log into to them. ~~~~

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I don’t think nor hope there will be civil war on a large scale but I do think there were instances of localized violence and attempts at political insurrection.

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@janbb Like January 6, 2021 ???

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I wish I remembered who I saw recently in an interview who works in or with our government to monitor countries around the world for signs of the possibility of civil war.

She said that the US has many of the signs, but that a “civil war” is not likely to be guns and tanks, but rather a more severe split than already exists among the population. I HOPE it won’t be a physical war if it gets worse. Probably, we will see more acts of violence in the name of country, but hopefully not extremely organized. It is worrisome.

I see the situation now like cells of people following a crazy ideology. I think most Americans don’t want a war.

Too many Americans are naive and stupid. Most have not experienced anything close to war, especially not on their own soil. Do they really want that type of destruction? The people who talk about fighting and rising up probably don’t have much to lose I guess.

The odds in my head are 20% chance we actually see a civil war with gunfire that is prolonged. I think it’s 50/50 we get another leader who plays to the hate in the country and tries to further ruin our checks and balances.

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GOP want a single party government. THEM !

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Ditto @Tropical_Willie I have been saying that for years. Of course you’ll still have voting options. You can vote Republican, or even Republican of you choose.

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Sometime war is the only option @snowberry. Where would we be if the Civil War had not been fought?

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@Dutchess_III Don’t forget the Confederacy started the Civil War. They seceded, and then they attacked Fort Sumter. If we had not fought the Civil War. most historians believe slavery would have ended within 20 years.

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Well what if everyone said slavery is fine and there was nothing to fight about?

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^^^That statement makes absolutely no sense at all.

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I often wonder what would have happened if we had just let the South secede and go their own way. We might not have these problems we are having now. Although, I’m just thinking from the POV of the Union states when I usually think about it, but what about the Black people in the South? How long would slavery have continued?

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Above they said it would have ended in 20 years.

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I edited the heck out of this because spellcheck kept redirecting what I was saying.

The US Civil War was not the best solution, but it was the one that they ended up doing. The best solution would be where people figure it out without killing each other.

I’ve heard of people here on Fluther mention how they like to kill everybody they don’t agree with (in that conversation I think it was Christians, conservatives, and maybe other few other groups all grouped together because they’re all “evil”).

They have no idea what they’re talking about. In a Civil War everybody suffers, and in that respect there are few winners.

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