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Can one turn a profit by scavenging materials from landfills?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24608points) February 11th, 2021

Recovering old junk and metals ect.

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Most have laws against doing any scavenging. Had a friend that lost his jobs in early 1990’s (he was VP of insurance company that collapsed) he made a living driving around affluent neighbors picking-up things on trash day. Brass beds, dynamite plunger, Oak desks, craftsmen chairs, books and items that should have been in the Smithsonian. Once he found a wooden box that was crushed but still locked – - surprise 3 gold rings one was worth $2000 !

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Yeah, that’s potentially very dangerous. And illegal in most jurisdictions.

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No. It would be too time consuming to pick through the garbage while dodging the heavy equipment.

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My brother made a decent living as a dumpster diver for many years. It is illegal to scavenge in land fills (dumps), but simply cruising the streets on trash days gives enough to live on.

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I would be too concerned that I’d get an infection or disease to do that.

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The landfills near me have methane vents to allow all those toxic gases escape. You would be risking all sorts of lung damage, and the risk of fire, by fossicking around a dump.

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You’d do well if you were willing to move.

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