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What do you think of the US launching airstrikes in Syria overnight?

Asked by jca2 (11395points) 1 month ago

US airstrikes in Syria and Iran, as retaliation for the February 15th killing of an American, sending a message that we will act to protect American personnel.

What do you think?

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At least it’s not Trump that is killing people!

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Sounds too familiar… :-/

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Better the US doing the airstrikes than Israel. Syria and Russia are unlikely to strike back.

I thought Syria was pretty much a shambles after their civil war. What else is there to destroy?

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A big cheer went up here!

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It reminds me of reprisal murders conducted by the Nazi SS.

The US has no business being anywhere in the middle east. The US has no moral right to intervene in Syria or station its military anywhere outside its borders.

The US is an invading occupying force in Iraq. The war against Iraq was an unlawful war of aggression, for which Bush Jr and Tony Blair would be hanged if the Nuremburg principles were applied to them.

If grinning murdering granpa Biden, thinks it’s fine to conduct revenge bombings that terrorise local populations and kill even more, then the same reasoning could be used to justify reprisal bombings on Washington D.C. or the Pentagon.

Also a reminder that the US is currently supporting the world’s only absolute monarchy, Saudi Arabia, and helping them murder and starve millions of Yemeni. Such a moral high-ground.

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Biden seems to be keeping the only campaign promise that actually mattered to his elite donors: that nothing will fundamentally change.

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As far as I can make out they struck a border post on the Syrian border and killed a few people in retaliation for their retaliatory attack in retaliation for our retaliation of their retaliation.

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Like Biden did? “Bomb Syria To punish Iran for killing US troops in Iraq”

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Not a fan. Hope it doesn’t lead to wider conflict. But this and Biden refusing to impose sanctions on MBS is further evidence that Biden is more of the same.

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Seems like a good way for a lot of politicians who are also involved in weapons sales to sell some weapons. Syria is an already decimated country, if folks can remember as far back as five and six years ago when we Europe had its “immigration crisis”, it was all of Syria and a little bit of North Africa emptying out. Some people are likely hoping it will turn into a wider conflict. I’m really sad about it.

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