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Macbook is confused?

Asked by clairedete (331points) September 9th, 2008

I just moved into college and I am using the wireless internet in the dorms. To connect to the network we use “Aventail Connect”. Ever since I installed this program two days ago I have been experiencing problems with my computer. I am running a Macbook model # 10.5.4 & it seems to me whenever I close my computer it thinks it is still open and vice versa. The white status light is not on when I am doing work on the computer when it is open but it becomes lit & remains lit when I close the top. When I open the computer back up I have to force-shut down the computer and start it again so it will do anything. My roomate is having this same problem with her Macbook. I have tried resetting PRAM & taking the battery out and pressing the power button. I am out of my 90 days of over the phone support. please help. THANK YOU!

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You need to look at your Macbook power savings option it might be some settings there are not configured properly.

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Your college should have a IT department for students. Now might be a good time to pay them a visit.

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If not the IT department, go to the Apple store. They are extremely good there. Even without the extended support they will most likely at least check out your computer for you and tell you if it’s an easy fix or not. I’ve taken my macbook in there a number of times and they’ve neglected to even ask if I have applecare on it.

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