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Do you want to play a game of "What Movie Is This?"?

Asked by filmfann (52263points) March 9th, 2021

The idea is to describe a part of a movie using characters the actors played in other movies.

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I’ll start.
What movie has the Hulk fighting the Joker, because he’s jealous of the Vanisher?

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I am going to guess “Fight Club”.

What movie has Captain America admit that he engaged in cannibalism, and that babies taste best?

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Someone else want to try?

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After being kicked out of the house for cheating on his girlfriend, Feldwebel Hugo Stiglitz meets a transvestite at a men’s support group, and ends up moving in with the transvestite’s gay friend.

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German cinema is a weak spot in my education.

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Agnes and His Brothers?

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I know! I know!

Inglorious Bastards

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A medical lecturer is so frustrated and angered when his name is mispronounced he stabs himself in the leg with a scalpel.

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Still wrong.

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@ragingloli so what is it?
@Strauss So, no character names from other movies?

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@filmfann this midnight cult classic movie and characters are so iconic it’d be like saying the name of the German lady character, causing horses to go wilder and wilder, finally Puttin’ on the Ritz!

three hints

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@Strauss Young Frankenstein

Which movie did John Lithgow use his Italian tailor as a dialect coach?

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So he turns to the punk, aims his revolver, and tells him: “Dieing ain’t much of a living, boy”. OR, the bounty hunter walks back into the saloon, and is told: “Go ahead punk, make my day”.

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