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Which building would you say is the most important in the world?

Asked by flutherother (34657points) March 10th, 2021

For whatever reason; history, function, content etc.

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Giza pyramids.

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The Vatican Library. Or one of the two underground seed valuts.

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I find this an impossible question to answer. For whom? For what? i don’t see how there could be any one building that is the most important in the world. There are/have been significant buildings in the Middle East and Asia that we in the West may know nothing about.

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Too late to Edit: And in Africa.

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The Pentagon. The little park in the middle is called “Ground Zero.”

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The one you live in. Oh, and the one with all the seeds in the world so that future generations can replant in 10,000 years time when the radioactivity drops to an acceptable level.

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I’d say this building.

It’s the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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The building that houses the Silver Slipper out by I-80.

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I had in mind the British Museum which preserves the cultural history of humanity from the earliest times up to the present. What a loss that would be if it didn’t exist.

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@flutherother Mostly stolen artifacts from when Britain was out destroying other people’s cultural history.

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I don’t think any building is important, as it is just a ‘pile of bricks’.
A house, in my opinion, is not important, a home is.
The UN building (as an example) is not important at all, it could be the work the people that reside in it is.

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The local bathroom, when you are in need..

I agree with @twoprimarycolorsmixedcanine – it isn’t the building, it is the function and the history,

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@Kropotkin Unfortunately that is true, and some of it was physically destroyed as well but what is here is here and is open to the public and who knows, it may be returned someday.

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@Kropotkin you’re suggesting it would have been better to leave it where it was and let the locals destroy it for themselves?

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@Lightlyseared Yes. It’s a good thing the cultured and superior British saved ancient artifacts that existed for centuries and millennia in the hands of dumb local savages from the dumb local savages.

Because what the British were really concerned about was preserving the culture and history of the people they colonised, which they did by brutalising, murdering, looting, and even razing towns to the ground.

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Just try to find a civilization in human history which did not loot a nation it either conquered or colonized.

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