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If I write a story about reviving zombies, and I asked for names from someone, and I use that someone's name should I credit them?

Asked by idktimmyturner (328points) March 12th, 2021

For instance, my friend Carmen gave me the name of “Eco-Zombie Apocalypse Revive” should I credit her for the name? And if I do should I say that in the introduction of the book of the end with the inspirational things.

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Yeah, would be nice to acknowledge them.
Depends also what you both have agreed on her bringing in the name.
Will she get royalties, or a one off amount, or ‘just’ the honor.

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It would be nice of you to say so at the end of the acknowledgments, or preference.

( Some definitions: A foreword is written by someone other than the author and tells the readers why they should read the book. A preface is written by the author and tells readers how and why the book came into being. An introduction introduces readers to the main topics of the manuscript and prepares readers for what they can expect).

”... Also, I would like to thank Carmen (last name) for coming up with the title for this book, “Eco-Zombie Apocalypse Revive” (maybe tell how the friendship led to her suggestion, etc)

No one would expect you to grant royalties for that, unless your friend helped you in a dozen or so other ways with the story.

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@Yellowdog thank you for the advice! You are credited.

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I don’t think it’s necessary, but it is a nice thing to do in the acknowledgements. A friend of mine and I are a beta reader for a friend of mine who is a science fiction author. He usually says, “Thanks to my beta readers Fred and caravanfan for their suggestions”. Or something to that effect.

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@Caravanfan Thank you for the advice! I take it lightly.

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“Take it lightly” means the opposite of “take it seriously.” If you take it lightly, you don’t pay much attention to it.

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Yes. You would want to be mentioned, wouldn’t you??

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@kritiper Not really- I honestly don’t like the attention that way. But these answers were helpful. Yours as well.

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I was credited for the same thing in an author’s preface once. He said I’d suggested the title. Actually it was just a remark I made in conversation, and he jumped on it and turned it into his title. I didn’t really do anything and felt embarrassed by the prominent mention.

But if you are in an early stage, just keep notes on people who helped you in any way and what they did, specifically, just so you’ll remember. Later on (when the book itself is finished) you can go through those and decide how to mention them, if at all.

Besides,unless you self-publish, the publisher may change the title anyway.

But the royalties are yours. No one else gets a piece of them unless you have some sort of contract stating the terms, such as for an agent.

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@Jeruba Thank you! I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

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