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Is there a website that translates professionally a 60,000-words-book for 50$?

Asked by luigirovatti (2183points) 1 week ago

I haven’t got a high budget, so, any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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I’m thinking “no.”

If it does, it’s got to be just running a computer program on it. If it were done “professionally” by a professional human translator, that’d be a charity service which would either be unknown by most, or have a long waiting list.

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Only if you consider a hack-job by some bloke in India on Fiverr “professional”.

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Google Translate.
Page by page.
Redact it, cause there might be slip-ups.

Or you might ask whether some Jellies want to be of help.
Say, 5000 words per Jelly.
Less words per would be better/easier, but there won’t be enough Jellies, I’m afraid.

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I have a friend that is an archeology professor at a college, he had a fifty word Dutch (from 1600’s) passage on a tile done for about $50.

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If he has more tiles that need to be done….
€25 per tile!

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I used to do editing. You’re not going to get a high quality job for a manuscript that size for less than several thousand dollars.

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Look, for 3,000 words MAX? I didn’t count them before.

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Here’s a site that will give you free quote on translation work. I wonder what they’ll offer you?

I found several other such sites by googling “professional translation service english to italian”.

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Are you asking about something you wrote or something someone else wrote?

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$50 per hour, maybe. And then it will need an edit. Speaking as someone who has been an editor of translated documents.

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I don’t even think you could find someone in Somalia to translate it into Somali for that price.

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