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Does anyone else find this interesting?

Asked by dalepetrie (18024points) September 10th, 2008

This year, as if the election, the emergence of the first black and first woman to seriously have a shot at the Presidency, and the historic Democratic primary process weren’t enough, it seemed for a while that people were falling all over themselves for quick little observations that seemed really weird or fascinating. Like this little podunk city in one state or the other has predicted the winner of the election correctly in every election for the last 88 years or what have you. Or McCain is the oldest person to ever receive the nomination of a major political party for the first time. I heard today that as goes Ohio in the election so has gone the nation in all but 2 elections in the last 108 years. I also read that “no Senator has been elected President since JFK.” It’s all a big pile of “so-what” in my opinion. Nonetheless, I thought of a curiousity, and just wondering what anyone else thinks of it, and maybe if you have any other curiousities that you’ve heard or thought of that you’d like to share. Here goes mine,

For the first time, our Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees are from the 48th (McCain-AZ), 49th (Palin-AK), 50th (Obama-HI) and 1st (Biden-DE) states.

It falls apart a little when you say that Arizona, Alaska and Deleware are where McCain, Palin and Biden are currently from/are currently representing, but Obama is actually really “from” Illinios if you apply that standard consistently, otherwise we’d have to consider Biden from Pennsylvania, Palin from Idaho and McCain from the Panama Canal. That to me illustrates why most of those factoids are crap. Still, I find them kinda fun. What say you?

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Come to think of it, it’s really a shame Obama didn’t pick Richardson, then it would have been 47th, 48th, 49th AND 50th states, that REALLY would have been kinda interesting in a contrived sort of way.

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Would that make McCain the first nominee born outside the continental US?

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Well, no because Obama was born outside the continental US and he was nominated first! And I suppose if you figure that our founding fathers, our first so many Presidents, they really couldn’t have been born in the US, even though now that’s a requirement. So I suppose Obama could be the first US born President born outside the “continental US”, and McCain would be the 2nd? But maybe there’s someone I’m forgetting, I admit I don’t know much about the origins of all the Presidents/Vice Presidents, not to mention the unsuccessful nominees.

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Yea I’m going to call ‘big deal’ on this one just like you. I think that it’s interesting that for the first time in history either a black man or woman will be pres or vp but that’s where my interest wanes.

The Americans seem so gullible sometimes that I wonder if a lolzcat could win the presidency.

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Eh its all pointless knowledge IMO but still slightly interesting to read from time to time. In the grand scheme of things though i could really give a rats ass about all of it.

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I think it is cool. very cool.

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Never mind! I had typed this before I read your last paragraph.

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Everybody knows this is a conspiracy between Sarah Palin’s ex-brother in law and Barack Obama to dominate the world. ACORN (a group pretending to be election fraud orgaanizers have been secretly schooled by the Weather Underground. ACORN has been masquerading as students at the Weather Undergrounds facility known as the U. of Illinois, Chicago. It’s not yet clear who the moneymen are though the Annenberg Foundation and Chas. Keating are both mentioned.
Lesser known is the complicity of McCain and Palin. They have signed contracts with Haliburton who are prepared to immediately build 200’ high concrete walls around the red states after which all McCain supporters will be “invited” to relocate to a red state while Sarah Palin will assist Obama supporters in vacating the red states to inhabit the blue (concept = choice)
Simultaneously, Exxon and Bechtel are ready to convert Alaska into a sophisticated sink hole that will collect all oil and glacial melt water to serve the red nation.. Joseph McCarthy (mistakenly assumed to be dead) has been digging a tunnel from Sarah Palins basement to Russia to prepare for the custom made tunneling machines that will finish the job. Cindy McCain, who has been to Georgia many times has been working with the Georgia government who are preparing to siphon off all of Russia’s oil and gas reserves, through the tunnel and into the Alaskan sink.

However it is absolutely clear that Kaballah has nothing to do with it and any association is purely coincidental.

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