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Did Adam have a navel?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29727points) 1 month ago

Why or why not?

What about Eve?

How would a creationist answer?

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No, they both were created by God, not born through a mother, so neither needed the nourishment supplied by an umbilical cord.

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This is the kind of question that passed long evenings of passionate debate in ordinary households of the devout during the Middle Ages.

It seems to me that God could have fitted his first pair with ornamental innies just for aesthetic reasons, as easily as he supplied ears and other little details, so their children wouldn’t be confused. On a scale of miracles, that would hardly be a major one.

There was also a lot of concern over whether or not Jesus had to poo. There certainly seem to be records of his eating. Was he in human form or not?

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“God” supposedly created Man in his own image. So, yes, Adam (and Eve) had a navel. As did “God.” And they both had penises.

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Eve was created from a rib of Adam’s so I would suggest he had a surgical scar.

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What I want to know is if they had nipples or genitals.

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Well, @ragingloli, Eve gave human, nonvirgin birth, so one would have to think so. They apparently came out of the box as a self-maintaining turn-key system.

I think we have to assume the same for all the other critters: they all had the configuration needed to procreate. How could they pass on genes they didn’t have? Even Gen1 must have been built for reproduction and therefore necessarily configured as the product of reproduction.

Unless, of course, they evolved.

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Yes, and if they had reproductive organs from the beginning, then everything, from Adam complaining about being lonely, god making Eva to shut him up, to the expulsion from paradise, were invariably pre-planned events, and all that snake-making-them-eat-a-fruit-from-a-tree malarkey was all a charade.
Why would Adam be created with a cock and balls, if Eva was not originally intended to exist, and they never were supposed to leave Eden? Nothing makes sense, unless god always was a lying, underhanded, scheming son of a bitch.

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@ragingloli what god isn’t? Who ever said that gods were loving and beneficent?

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That the christians’ whole schtick.

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And it happened again, later.
Take Hiob, where god deliberately let Satan, who he was on good terms with, btw, destroy the man’s life and kill his family, for god’s own amusement, *cough, sorry, to “test his faith”.
Or Abraham, of whom he demanded he sacrifice his own son, and then right when he was about to plunge his dagger into the boy’s chest, went “Ha, april fools, man! Just a prank, bro!”
Or Judas. Jesus was always planned to end up on that cross, and die as a proxy sacrifice for humanity’s “sins”, and Judas was the scapegoat.

Al Pacino said it best

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@ragingloli, well, there’s that.

Naturally the argument goes that if it were all straightforward and rational, no faith would be required. It’s a Mystery.

The less sense a religion (or ideology) makes, the more some people will cling to it. Because of course scientific knowledge is subject to revision with the discovery of new truths; for a story to be immutable, and hence utterly reliable, it has to be unreal.

The irony there is that science as a process is reliable, even though as a body of facts it can change; and God seen as a process does make some sense in a way that God as an ineffable supercosmic entity who meddles minutely in human affairs does not.

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@elbanditoroso Original, interessting question. Adam had no navel.

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The question is, was Jesus fully a man or not. To be completely a man he would have had all the human failings and of course a penis. That’s why Jorge Luis Borges speculated that the Son of God might be Judas.

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@flutherother Didn’t Judas have a penis?

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Sure he did.

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@si3tech, interesting, but hardly original. Google it and you’ll see numerous instances across the spectrum.

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Yes. God poked each of them in the belly and said, “You’re done,” and “You’re done!”

Voila! 2 belly buttons!

You’re welcome! ;D

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Mammals have navels, imaginary beings have devotees.

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Well, when they are painted, they are usually depicted with navels…

I don’t think there’s any indication in the story that Adam and Eve are to be thought of as anything other than normal human beings, including navels. Decorative though they may be.

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