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If you have been following the Derek Chauvin trial, do you think he will be found guilty of anything?

Asked by Demosthenes (11709points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

What do you think will be the most likely outcome? What outcome would you like to see?

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@janbb Well not really. That was asking about the jury’s ability to reach a verdict and it was also asked before we heard the defense. But if the mods think this is a duplicate and needs to be removed, so be it.

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God I hope so.

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First degree manslaughter.

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Manslaughter, though I would prefer third degree murder. The prosecution has the advantage of having a range of charges, allowing the jury to reach a compromise between murder and innocence of all charges.

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His charges are as follows:
Second degree murder
Third degree murder
Second degree manslaughter

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He should be found guilty, but it will be a hung jury.

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I think he may well be convicted of second degree murder. There was no intent to kill but there was an intent to cause harm that led to death.

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At this point, the best he will get is manslaughter. He really should’ve just taken a plea deal instead of going to trial.

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Guilty on all counts.

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I am relieved he got convicted on all three counts.
This wasn’t a case of a split second decision in a dark alley where he might see a weapon.
This asshole had 9½ minutes on this guys neck to self examine his methods.

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@cheebdragon Was he offered a plea deal?

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Apparently he had agreed to plead guilty on 3rd degree murder and a 10 year sentence but the deal fell through.

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