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Could you explain to me if the following situation taken from the TV series "The Practice" is realistic?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) 1 week ago

There’s cocaine found in a girl’s room. It’s her brother’s, but she had it the time of the raid. The brother jumps bail, the prosecution pinches her because she tried to hide the drug. Anyway, the following might be more realistic. 200 grams with the intent to distribute is automatic: the trafficking charge is statutory, so, she would probably do 15 years.

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First, we have to understand what you are trying to say…

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@luigirovatti what’s the question? And whose laws – Italian, American, Canadian?

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@elbanditoroso he wants us to analyze a certain scene in a movie and tells him whether it’s realistic. The problem is that his description of the scene is so confusing.

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Assuming it’s set in the USA… what race is the girl, and what school was she going to? At Princeton University, it’s more likely the police would never even show up. If she’s an ethnic minority at a minor school, then it’s statistically vastly more likely they might charge her.

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