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When would be the last time you jumped, leapt, flung yourself over something?

Asked by ucancallme_Al (218points) 5 days ago

Was your landing graceful?
Did the ensuing heap of failure result in stares & giggles?

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Oh, that has to be the time I pulled myself from a fork of the James River and the sides were all slippery gravel. I have never felt so awkward and as if I weighed a ton in my life. Ended up, I scooted my butt up the side to dry land while the guys heads were turned, so I’m really hoping no one saw my disgraceful exit.

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I haven’t had any need for doing that since I ran track back in school, a hundred years ago. Hell to the no.

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A bench outside our church.

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We have a cat who likes to “help” put clean sheets on the bed. I once got so irritated with him that I belly flopped onto the bed and yelled, “WOOF!” It was effective that time; unfortunately he still tries to help.

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