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How does one stay on track?? Like, how can someone stay focused for more than an hour at something?

Asked by somecringykid (41points) May 12th, 2021

OK, so I am terrible when it comes to remembering to do things. And even worse when it comes to doing them. I get easily distracted, have no clue why and it sucks. Like, I can do the task, but I’ll keep getting distracted by dumb things like my cats or like a pencil, dumb stuff like that. I do have a therapist, but she says she’s not sure if its ADD or just my depression. I don’t get to talk to her till next week, and it’s kinda effecting me right now, so if anyone know how to deal with getting distracted easily, I’m all ears.

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What I do is set multiple alarms on my phone and clock radio. Some times with a description of what chore I have to do next. I set the alarm on my microwave when doing laundry and or cooking food.

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So, my alarms should be more detailed?

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@somecringykid Yes. Whatever works for you.

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Tell yourself you will put in a certain amount of time on task and then give yourself a 20 minute break. Set a timer.

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Take no more than three bong hits.

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I think I have a learning disability. Sometimes I get like you describe. People have wondered if I have ADD or Asperger’s syndrome/disorder. Maybe. Maybe just a bit.

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I have always struggled with this, and the best solution for me is to keep a paper to-do list. Mostly the list is groceries. Here is my list for tomorrow:

Living room screen repair
Mom’s taxes
Call optometrist
[Side job] data entry and balance accounts
Phone meeting county coordinator

Anything unaccomplished moves to the next day’s list.

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The tasks you are having a hard time remembering, and are easily distracted from doing—

Are they tasks you want to do? Or you need to do? Or something in between?

Are they tasks you feel excited about doing? Tasks you feel stressed about doing? Or do you feel something else/something more about them?

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I had an employee that kept making mistakes, some pretty substantial. At one point we asked him to get evaluated by a company psychologist. What the psychologist told us was interesting. The employee was only 22. The psychologist told us there was a trend arising of younger people having a hard time focusing on one thing for very long. The theory behind this is that these people have been raised with computers, cell phones, video games, etc. And most of those things give them something to focus on for only a few minutes at a time. Even video games are flash, flash, flash. He said these people can change focus on many things repeatedly, but if you ask them to focus on one thing for even 10 minutes, most can’t do it.
I’m not sure what the answer is. You may need to “reprogram” how you think. I would suggest making lists and put every little thing on them you can. If you do something that isn’t on the list, take credit for it, but step back onto the list as soon as you can.

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@sadiesayit honestly? Some of them, I don’t want to do because they stress me out and some are just straight up, boring.

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