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Can I list Fluther as my hobby on my dating app?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18790points) 3 weeks ago

Is it yours?
I was also recommended by a family member to find a hobby.
Does Fluther count?

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Yes, Fluther is a hobby. I’m not sure it would be regarded as highly as hiking or surfing. Sports are considered hot.

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I wouldn’t. It makes you sound desperate for said hobby.

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You can do whatever you’d like on your dating app. I doubt it would mean anything to someone reading it though.

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You shouldn’t!
No need to be so specific, just state you’re active on internet forums.

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I certainly treat Fluther as a hobby. I go to Fluther only after exhausting useful alternatives like stocks, news and golf websites. I would put even my passion for rockets and electric cars ahead of Fluther.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy Fluther when I am convinced that all useful work has been done. In my mind, that makes Fluther a hobby.

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