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How do you increase the chance to get pregnant?

Asked by Brittany (7points) September 11th, 2008

My husband and i have been tryin to get pregnant ive been trying for 2 yrs and no positive outcome. What should i do to increase my chances?

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Make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in infertility, and make sure BOTH you and your husband are checked.

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Thank u adam i appreciate ur response.

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They will have all sorts of things like timing and temperature things and optimal positions and the like.

Good luck!

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Pick up a copy of Taking Charge of your Fertility. You also might want to check out Both of these are full of great advice to increase your chance of conceiving. Good luck!

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Brittany, having just read your profile, I must take a minute to say that you are awfully young. Please be sure you and your man are ready for the HUGE commitment that comes with having a baby.

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After 1 year of trying w/out success it is time for a visit to your OB/GYN (obstetrician/gynecologist) doctor. After two years, you are overdue. Hopefully you have an OB/GYN. If not, contact your primary care doctor’s office to see who they would recommend.

Best wishes.

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Like others say, visit the doctor. But also remember it is a process that takes time—if you’re ready for a kid, don’t give up! Have a very serious talk with your man to make sure you are both fully devoted to the idea. And to some extent, be patient. Getting pregnant takes time sometimes. I read an article recently that parents these days expect to get pregnant much faster than they did in the old days. You’ve worked at it a while and should definitely see your OBGYN, but also remember that patience is a big part of it. To some extent, pregnancy is a waiting game with a bit of logic and luck attached.

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SuperMouse is right. You have plenty of time to start a family. Enjoy your youth first, then there will be time to think about kids.

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Talk to my wife—she can get pregnant when we walk past each other in the hallway.

If you are under let’s say 28—I beg you not to procreate, get a puppy for pete’s sake?

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News flash folks…... allengreen and I agree once again!!!

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“Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is a great book like SuperMouse recommends…after over two years of trying, I finally got pregnant by using the (expensive!) Clear Plan Fertility Monitor. The unit itself at the time was maybe $100—$150? and the sticks to use with it were expensive too. But I found out by using that, that my fertile day was around the 18th of the month and not the 14th like everyone wants you to believe. I was pregnant within 4 months of using it. Give it a try if you’ve both gone to the doctors and find out you are okay. Good luck Brittany!

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Oh, and let me add that for my second child, it only took 2 months because I knew more about my cycle.

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Brittany, do you really want to take on the responsibility of a baby at your age? I mean, your life will NEVER be the same! It’s a lifetime responsibility and commitment. Have you taken care of babies before? It’s exausting, and once you’ve got one, you’ve got one for good.
Are you married, in a committed relationship? Will you have help? Have you really thought this through?

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you buy a test that tells you when your ovulating. and if you have sex during that time it should help increase your chances

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Please don’t reproduce.

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Sex is a good place to start, though I would recommend doing so at such a young age.

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