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If your car sticks out beyond a parking space is it against the law?

Asked by JLeslie (61471points) 3 months ago

Perpendicular space, but the lines stop at 18 feet long and your vehicle is 19, so sticking out over a foot.

What if another car crashes into the parked car, will both people be at fault?

Any specific laws in Tennessee? What is the law in your state?

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Better to take two spaces. And pay for two in there are parking meters. The law allows for you to use common sense.

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If a parked car is hit by a moving car the blame is assigned to the moving car, at least in NYS it is, unless there are some really extenuating circumstances, like the parked car is parked in the middle of a road in the night or something weird.

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Probably depends on the locality. Different states / municipalities probably have different ordinances. I’d check with your local cop shop or sheriff’s office..or look it up online for your particular location. Good question though, I have never really thought about that.

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