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How do I put my printer online?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43721points) 1 month ago

It’s an HP17019F HP Deskjet 2700 series.

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I have Googled.

It used to be that when a printer went off line a notification would come that said “Put printer online.” Just click that and you were good to go.
I can’t find that option any where.

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I’m assuming this is for wifi and you have already entered the password into the printer.

I didn’t find the instructions for your model, but I have an HP that goes offline all the time (so frustrating) and what used to work was running to trouble shooter. On my laptop I would go into settings then printers then pick the printer then manage then run the troubleshooter and it would fix it. That stopped working recently.

Then I would turn the printer off and on and it would work. Then that stopped working.

Then, recently I needed to scan something, and at first it was offline as I expected it would be, but hope springs eternal, I eventually I got it working again, and I cannot remember what I did. I got some pop up and clicked something and it worked. Now, I have been able to print again since fixing the link when I needed to scan. I hope one of those things I mentioned was helpful.

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Who cares about printing when it’s time to Disco?!

I’m using Windows 7 and I never set up my printer, but I’ll submit this anyway:

Control Panel > Devices and Printers. I right-clicked on the printer icon and saw an option to Troubleshoot and another one to Remove device.

Perhaps if you do that you’ll see an option to Troubleshoot or Restore device.

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Is it a wireless or wired printer?

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Our printers go offline every now and then. I resort to shutting down our whole network and turning on things one by one in this order: 1) gateway/modem, 2) router, 3) computers, 4) printers. Then if that doesn’t work, I try re-installing the printer drivers.

You can go here first: Maybe you won’t have to do the above steps.

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It’s wireless. It runs through phone. No modem, no router.
I just emailed the stuff to my Daughter in Law up the street.

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Things will get so much better when we get internet wired to the house.

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So your phone supposed to be communicating directly with your printer?

Do you have a cord that you can connect from your phone to your printer?

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No modem, no router.

Things will get so much better when we get internet wired to the house.

When you get your own internet and wifi, change the wifi network name & password to your previous setting. Your devices will connect.

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Well it worked before @Brian1946. We also had access to REAL internet then.
Got to see some grandkids when I went to pick up what my DIL printed off.

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Your printer needs a router to connect to. If you want to print without internet than hook it up to the computer with a cable.

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