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Mechanical engineers: how should one think about using an electric motor actuator vs a hydraulic actuator powered by an electric pump?

Asked by gorillapaws (27359points) 2 months ago

I came across a battery-electric mini excavator on the internet, and it appears to still use hydraulics to power the arm. That got me wondering why they didn’t just use electric motors (with the appropriate gearing) instead? Is it cost? More efficient use of energy? Reusing parts from other gas models? Weight reduction at the end of the arm? Something else?

I’m not aware of any industrial robot arms that use hydraulic actuators, so there are obviously advantages for electric motors too. How does a mechanical engineer think about when each type of actuator is the correct choice for a particular design?

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Too much wear on gears (and they would have to be huge), much more power advantage with hydraulics. Less parts. And more cost effective. And take up less space.

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