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What is the verb of the noun sarcasm?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) September 11th, 2008

to sarcast? just curious…

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being sarcastic

im pretty sure thats as close as youll get

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Sarcasmer…to be conjugated as sarcasmo, sarcasmes, sarcasme, sarcasamos, sarcasen…or estar sarcasmiendo.

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to be sarcastic

I am sarcastic. You are sarcastic. We are sarcastic. He/She is sarcastic. They are sarcastic.

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@nimis for some reason i dont think he wants to know a spanish (i assume) declension

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Sarcastify, of course. I thought everyone knew that!

Then you can renounize it: sarcastification. And when you are replete in your sarcastifying, it is sarcastific! I love to sarcastify! Do you sarcastify? I think she sarcastifies, but he’s a dolt and wouldn’t know a sarcastification from a lube job.

Isn’t that a sarcastific declension? Lucky for us, English is so easy on the conjugation. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s why words proliferate so quickly?

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You use sarcasm. The verb is use. It’s like shoes. You use a pair of shoes, you aren’t shoe-ing.

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You may not be shoeing, but I shoeify!

And don’t you make any judgements about me until you’ve shoeified a mile in my shoes.

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Well, I do have a friend who I refer to as shoe-tastic, but that’s more a description of her closet…

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Is the adjective form sarcasmic?

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The adjective form is sarcastic. I guess the verb would be to gibe.

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