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Are awards still posted in the Community Feed?

Asked by Yeahright (3860points) 2 weeks ago

I seem to remember that years ago, every time a Jelly got an award, it would be announced in the Community Feed.

I know there is an awards tab in our personal profile.

But, is that still being posted or did it stop?

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Now that you mention it, I din’t think they are. I hadn’t noticed that. I know that some of the awards don’t seem to function at all any more.

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It seems there is, at best, a lag, with certain awards. I remember someone asked a while ago about awards not showing up, and the explanation was that it took a while for the system to give them out. For example, I reached 20k a few weeks ago, but I don’t have the Admiral badge yet.

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@bob_ Awww…I’ll fix you a sandwich. Will that do??

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@Yeahright I mean, it’s a start? :)

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It appears to me that many awards are not even awarded any more and I definitely don’t see any posted in the feed.

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