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How many perfectofish awards do you collect and what does it say about us?

Asked by ninjacolin (14224points) February 23rd, 2010

i’ve got 46 perfectofish awards. (on your profile, just hover your mouse over perfectofish under your ATLANTIS awards to see how many you’ve been awarded)

it’s really funny.. it’s as if hitting submit enables me to finally see my comment from the eyes of someone who isn’t me. then i need to edit my comment to make it make sense to the general public! (and even then i often don’t succeed)

btw, i’ve edited this question 8 times already. seriously

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I pretty much do the same thing. I’m not quite sure why, but for some reason it doesn’t sink until I see it sitting in the thread with the rest of the posts. Kind of weird, really.

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I’m the same way.

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I don’t think I have any perfectofish awards. I have no idea how to get one.

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I have two.I do make typos…erigehwh…see??

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I’ve been awarded this 16 times, so far, and it either tells me that I’m not meticulous enough when formulating answers due to several edits being needed or that my keenly analytical mind can’t help forcibly making me add new and improved and pertinent information to my already intellectual and thought provoking answers.

Edit: I’m still working on the modesty / humility thing. I need more time.

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Just one… for now… bum bum brum…


Just one… forr noo… bum bum bum…


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I have 194 of them. I edit almost everything I post here. Part of the reason is that I type very quickly and this causes me to sometimes leave out important words. I think faster than I type and I end up leaving out important words such as “not” that completely reverse the meaning of the sentence.

Other times I simply find more to say and more to add or something to take away. I almost never read over responses before I post them. I post them, then read over them. That has something to do with it as well.

I’d be willing to bet I have more than anyone else here. :)

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I have 12. It is always easier for me, too, to spot errors with fresh eyes.

Why isn’t this thread being modded? The cat is being let out of the bag.

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modded? what for?

@bluefreedom, hilarious!

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Thank god, @DominicX.. i thought i held the championship.

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10. It shows that I should probably recheck my work often as is the case when I make posts I generally don’t bother reading it again until its published and then I find mistakes. Same goes with emails to people and generally my whole life.

I wish I could perfect-o-fish my life.

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I’ve only gotten one, is that good or bad? I’m kind of insecure about this stuff.

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@DominicX 194! Holy Shit! Way to go!

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lol…thanks…I don’t know if it’s much of an achievement other than showing I am overly anal. I think the main thing it says about me is that it shows that my desire to be a writer is ever-present. When I write fiction, I edit and edit and edit over and over and over again, non-stop until it’s as perfect as it can possibly be. I apply the same thing to my internet posts and essay writing for school, though not quite as much. The more passionate about what I am writing, the more editing I’ll put into it.

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@wilma if you have less, i imagine that it indicates your ability to collect your thoughts and put them out in writing in one fell swoop!

for myself, with more, it feels to me as if i require more time to answer a question than others. whether this makes me more stupid or more cautious, you decide. hahaha

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another (more subjective) way of looking at it: It indicates that I require more time than I allow myself to write my thoughts out clearly. And for you, it indicates that you allow yourself enough time to write your thoughts out.

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@DominicX I do that too—I have this awful habit of leaving out the key operator of a sentence. I forget “not” all the time which sometimes leads to sentences that sound really insensitive. =D

Usually my first edit or so is fixing spelling mistakes, but I have the tendency to come back a minute later and double the length of my answer. I think it’s annoying for other people since they will post responses to my answers before I add the new appendage to it.

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Twice. And once was to see if it worked. I’m apparently not much of a perfectionist.

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Hmm… only three for me…

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Zero. That and the Old Timer are the only two awards I don’t have (unless there are more secret awards that haven’t been found yet). I’ve actually considered [doing what needs to be done] just to get the award, but I can’t seem to make myself do it! I edit my stuff all the time, but I do it in the original answer box, before I post. I don’t think I’ve ever edited something more than once after I’ve posted it, and that’s usually to add something.


[mod says] @johnpowell Don’t give away the secret in public!

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I am quite particular WRT the arrangement of my text, esp. the word-wrap, and the word-wrap that occurs in the actual post is not in the same position as that which occurs in the “live preview”, so I often go back to change my wording, so there is not a line at the bottom of my paragraph with only one or two words.

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@augustlan your post comes pretty close to doing so. :-)

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@anartist You have a point. :/

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Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. I think I guessed what it would be correctly.

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I currently have around 50 of those and that says I’m at least a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my typing.

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