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Is VPN helpful for learning Programming languages ?

Asked by Dexter (13points) July 15th, 2021

While I am struggling learning Java, I got curious if there are other countries that provide better and free explanation websites or apps on how to learn and code in Java. I am from US and have a VPN network for more than 20 countries. So is there a way I could connect VPN of an English speaking country and learn from their free websites if they provide some better explanations (several websites are such that they are accessible in their country only). Noting offensive but there are smart people everywhere so it might be possible that they have some better application to learn Java. ( I am aware of Code academy, solo learn and other poplar websites )

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I’m not aware of any nation-blocking for free programming sites, let alone that being a widespread thing.

It seems to me that usually when someone posts information for free online, they rarely then think they ought to block access to it based on browser origin. Those seem to be like divergent ways of thinking.

But if you find some, I imagine you can likely spoof your location easily enough.

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