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Is there a simple way for checking keypressed in C (Not C++ or C#)?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) December 24th, 2009

I would just like to get into making some very very basic visual stuff in plain C. Even in the dos style screen. Is there a way of taking in the directional arrows as input and acting on that?

Edit: I have a feeling this will become a poor poor orphan question =[

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Use getchar() function and check what is the char.

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That kind of function is platform-specific. What compiler and operating system are you using?

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I’m using Windows 7 and compiling with Borland C/C++ Compiler

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It’s been a long time since I worked with Borland, but I found this:

I do remember using the kbhit() function to detect the presence or absence of a keystroke before calling getchar();

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