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What are some of the funniest questions you've seen on Fluther?

Asked by jballou (2113points) September 12th, 2008

I recently saw “Why isn’t ‘phonetics’ spelled phonetically?” pop up, and no offense to the author, but I thought it was one of the dumbest (and funniest!) questions I’ve seen so far. Any other gems out there?

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I still believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but I have come across some mind-boggling and highly amusing ones on here – my all time favorite has to be this gem

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The list would be way too long….....

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Hehe. As a terrible speller I a. hate the fact that “phonetics” uses a “ph” and not an “f”.

@ wildflower. I had not seen that link. That is some hilarious reading.

I must really try to look at all questions as if everyone can’t know everything or even the best can have a brain fart or I never want my question to be put down

Nothing jumps out at me as being the dumbest question. I know it isn’t wrong to question why in the world someone would ask something.

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WildD: Best. Thread. Yet.

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Have you ever had a “clean wipe” poo?

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@Nimis: is it bad form to toot your own horn?

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I’m partial to this one, but then, I am an HIV doctor, so go figure.

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@shilolo My favorite part is that about half way through, the original asker completely abandons the thread, and no one seems to care

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@jballou. No kidding. Admittedly, I’ve probably racked up ~1000 Lurve points on questions asked by the famous Mrs Dr Frank N Furter, so she has a special place in my heart. In fact, I wish someone would develop an application to breakdown lurve points by other users’ questions.

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@shilolo You would have a got a load more if it weren’t for the lurve cap

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Anyone remember Frizzer?? sorry I provide a link, jballou (on the Touch), but I’m sure someone can dig it up for me…

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Gail: This question was originally phrased “What are some of the stupidest questions you’ve seen on Fluther?” Please, stop being the one women welcome wagon.

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Damn it. I meant woman.

But anyway…yes, please note wildflower’s initial answer.

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@Nimis; Sorry, I don’t understand your point. I read the original question and your repeat of it; I read Wildflower’s initial opinion. I noted that you nominated your own question.
What am I missing? And check that I did send an appropriate Theme Song for that question.

There was also the one that mentioned college magers…can’t find that either.

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Gail: I thought you had commented after reading the revised question and mistook me nominating myself for stupidest question as me nominating myself for funniest question. But you did read the original question, so….ermm…I was just making fun of myself. Geez. Really. Not the best kind of welcome (Theme Song or not).

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Gail: Truce!

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@NIm; Already done. See private comment—->

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@augustlan, Eureka! That’s the one. thanks

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