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Have you forgotten that TODAY (9-12) is ALSO a historic American/USA anniversary?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 12th, 2008

This date (in 2001) was, for the very first (and only) time in USA aviation history, one where NO non-military aircraft were legally permitted to take-off.

My question did not deal with the actual historical fact I mentioned; it dealt with whether or not you were able to remember that fact, so I have not authored a question to which I already knew the answer, as I don’t know about any member’s ability to recall certain factual items of information.

So there.

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Looks like you’re skating a fine line on the rules there, Jack.

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Well aren’t you big and clever, proving your point from another thread (?).....

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since i live in canada should i remember?

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No, ciripet; you’re exempted.

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@ thank,s for not giving me s….......

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I remember moving from the hotel to my mom’s living room floor. Then watching the barbed wire going up around the airport and all military property. But that was all on 9/11. By 9/12 the State of Hawaii was locked down so tight not even the bombing of Pear Harbor caused such a reaction.(and my mom remembers that day) On 9/13 my brother got a call stating you are now an essential civilian and MUST report to work at 6am tomorrow morning.

And @ciripet a lot more than Americans died on 9/11. That was an attack on the world, not just America. Tho’ I doubt you would remember 9/12 unless you were trying to fly into the U.S.

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@ ciripet: I’m here to help…

Actually, I really love the Canadian people, and that’s not a joke at all, because I have never forgotten how they sheltered and rescued 6 American Embassy personnel who fled their embassy in Tehran, Iran, on November 4, 1979, and those six Americans being sheltered, eventually fled Iran using Canadian passports on January 28, 1980. Their escape and rescue from Iran by Canadian ambassador Kenneth D. Taylor has come to be known as the Canadian Caper.

So impressed was I with the performance of Ambassador Taylor and his associates in Tehran, that I sent a letter to The White House (and many members of the US Congress) suggesting that he be given honorary American Citizenship, as was done with UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

And to this day, if I am in a restaurant or drinking establishment and I discover that a Canadian is in attendance, I always try to pick up their tab.

When they react with surprise to that tiny gesture, I just say, “That’s my small way of thanking your country for the rescue of the American hostages in Iran.”

For more details about this wonderful thing our fantastic neighbors of The Great White North unselfishly did for the USA, view the movie Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper

Canadians kick ass, rock, and walk on water!!!!!

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I remember eerie silence in the air all around. And no con trails in the sky.

GQ JA :)

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@ciripet, all the aircraft in-flight near the US when the attacks happened got re-routed to various parts of Canada. They even gave it a name. So yes, it is at least a bit relevant to you.

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I actually have a story from that day. I had planned to fly to Chicago that weekend to stand in a buddy’s wedding. Since flying looked unlikely, I decided to drive out that night after work. I drove to Amarillo and stayed the night at The Big Texan Motel.

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@JA Thanks for sharing the story about Canada. We have extended family who are Canadian. If I hear one more flippin’ story about the War of 1812, I might scream.

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When you see your Canadian friends, please give them a gigantic hug from me, because they are truly our very best friends, and they continually prove it, by sending us a steady stream of new, “American” actors. LOL

Not many people know this, but actor Jay Silverheels who played Tonto on The Lone Ranger TV series, was a Native Canadian.

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LOL! 1812 was a loooooonnnnnnggggg! time ago. I have friends in Canada. Matter of fact our Zamboni that the Hockey Association just got came from Turtleford. I think a lot of people have come to view Canada as just another part the the US.

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Oh, and @sndfreQ in Hawaii the sky’s were quite alive. I wouldn’t say that any of the planes were civilian. And the lines to get on the bases were unbelievable!

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@cooksalot. Yes. I keep reminding them of the date. The last time we were there….they actually took us to 1812 War Memorials!

As to people viewing Canada as just another part of the US….I wouldn’t have believed that….had I not actually stood behind a woman at the post office one day who had to be told that Canada is a FOREIGN COUNTRY and therefore her letter was returned for insufficient postage as she had only put enough for mailing in the USA!!!!. You could have knocked me over w/ a feather.,....

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I remember because I had a friend’s high school kid living with me while his parents were at the other side of the continent. They just kept their rental car and drove back to California.

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That’s a good one @Snoopy.

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People may think that Canada is just another part of the US but I think that’s probably because they’ve never been there. I see them as the kind of people who refer to areas of the world by their continent (eg. “I’m going to Europe.”, “Isn’t it just horrible about the war and disease in Africa.”, etc.) because they have basically no frame of reference where they would know how very different regions of the world can be.

However, when you’re a country 10% the size of the US, you share a huge border, telecommunications, language (mostly), shared history (mostly) there is totally similarities that crop up. I’ve always thought that we’re lucky to be situated so close to the US and that the good qualities have “rubbed off” on us. Sadly, our current Prime Minister looks like he’s been rubbing one off watching your current President in action and we’re losing our way.

In any event I think that we’re more alike than we are different but there are some pretty significant differences and I’m glad for them because it would be terribly boring if we were all alike.

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Talk about differences. You have real HP Sauce! The junk they sell here is like A1 which my kids won’t touch with a 10 foot fork. hmmm, think I’m going to have to defrost some beef to roast.

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oops sorry got off point didn’t I.

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