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So, what else kills people via ignorance?

Asked by Gremlin (222points) August 5th, 2021

Inspired by that question about anti-vaxxers. The way people flock to those guys and eat up their words reminds me of religious cults, I bet “preachers” there have killed a bunch of people by raging against homosexuals.

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Eating Tide Pods.

Handling guns or explosives or other dangerous things without knowing how to do so safely.

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Experimenting with drugs.

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Eating unknown plants, particularly mushrooms.

@Zaku The Tide Pod thing is mostly a myth.

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I don’t know that anyone died, but I do know calls to the CDC and emergency rooms went up after trump announced that injecting bleach helped get rid of covid.

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Most dangerous activities that young people engage in because “it’ll never happen to me!”
Drugs, drinking and driving, speeding, playing with guns…you name it.

You’‘ll shoot yer eye out!

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One can die by drinking too much water.

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Religious fervor like that of the Jim Jones followers at Jonestown, Guyana.
In 1978, over 900 died, ⅓ of them children.

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Not eating/exercising properly.
Getting too close to wild animals.

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Preachers who preach the ridiculous notion that faith and prayer alone heals sick people. There have been countless number of cases of child neglect because of this

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Alcohol can cause up to 7 cancers. All bad choices are just your chosen path to death.

Preachers here do sometimes rage against LGBTQ’s, true. I told family I wouldn’t go back because of that Adam & Steve comment.

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I’ve often wondered how many people Instagram has killed.

Countless number of idiots falling off of cliffs trying to get that gram.

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Yes, a general ignorance, or even more so, people thinking that they know all about something when they really just know a little bit. Sometimes a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all. And then of course the factor of thinking it can’t happen to you. I’ve been watching the volcano in Iceland. I can’t go, but I really enjoyed the video footage. And there’s people that insist on walking out on the lava that only has a thin crust of hardened rock on top. They don’t realize that if they walk on a thin spot, they’re going to break through to the lava and suffer a horrible death probably.

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Aside from the others mentioned -

People who go out into the wilderness without proper preparation. Inadequate clothing/footwear, not having any provision for what to do in an emergency, etc.

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This is COVID related, but not as far as vaccines. I just spoke with a lady this morning who is pretty sick. (She got tested for COVID but doesn’t know the results yet.) She is having trouble breathing, among other things. When I suggested she go to urgent care, she said the lines were too long. I told her that was probably for testing, and she needed to let them know what was going on, because they do triage people, and I’m pretty sure people not being able to breathe well would be a top priority.
I honestly think she was just going to stay home and “tough it out” because of the lines. That was so scary to me because of what it could have led to.

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