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What new song will you discover?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11668points) 2 weeks ago

This works best on a computer

Go here:
Top left it says “scan” Click that.

The screen will jump to a genre, it will be highlighted and it will have a music note by it. Click that genre

Click scan again, and you will find an artist/song. Share that song here! Just hover over the music note and it will tell you the song + artist!!

I got Toronto indie as the music genre and No I won’t by Boys Who Say No

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Eurodance genre: Sneakbo – “Love is a Gamble”

How on earth did you find that site?! It’s fun!

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Montana Roots genre: The Lil Smokies – “California”

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I don’t remember where I found it but I love it!

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Awesome. Wish that it played the entire songs.

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Anything from BTS.

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OMG, This is amazing!!!!

I may be lost in this site for a few years

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@gondwanalon It does provide a link to spotify when you drill down on with the >>

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Sarcastic Sounds

Change your mind

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Incredible range of music and the sound quality is very good too. I found traditional Scottish fiddle music. Pity it just plays a sample.

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Wow, this site is rad.
Also wish it played entire tracks.
Thanks for sharing!

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Currently exploring in list mode.
Only 5,543 genres to go through!

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You can always check out spotify or youtube!!!

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