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Is it possible to get an accurate population count without an official census?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) September 20th, 2021 from iPhone

Can we get an accurate approximation of the population of a country through methods other than census?

Cell phone accounts? Commodity markets?

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Census is more official, and doesn’t require proprietary customer count data from private companies.

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Not everyone has a cell phone (elderly, people in nursing homes), and some people have multiple cell phones, so that’s not an accurate measure.

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Accurate approximation is an oxymoron.

Also, people do not have the same access to resources (cell phones, utilities, etc.).

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approximation – close to the real number, accurate – very close

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accurate: close in all details, exact

approximation: a value or quantity that is nearly but not exactly correct

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Free from error, especially as the result of care: an accurate diagnosis.

Conforming exactly to truth or to a standard: exact: providing accurate color.

IMO, approximations can be accurate: CA has almost 40 million people.
However, it would be inaccurate to say that CA has exactly 40 million peeps.

Mic drop…on foot; I think it would be accurate to say that my foot hurts. :p

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Hmmm…I can see both sides of this debate. I think my brain needs more sleep. :P

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