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How do i send a picture from my iphone to a cell phone?

Asked by frie03 (9points) September 13th, 2008
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The iPhone doesn’t do SMS. See any of several previous questions on this subject by searching Fluther or Apple’s support discussion boards.

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pretty sure Pup meant M-MS; SMS is text-only, which iPhone does perfectly, whereas multimedia messaging is not supported.

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Yes, MMS. I misspoke.

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Depends on what phone your friend has really. As the lads have said the iPhone doesn’t do the whole MMS thing. Not a big deal in any way shape or form as far as I’m concerned. If your friend has a phone with email on it you can send it to that.

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I think I saw an app in iTunes store the other day that claimed it could do it. Sorry, I don’t remember what it was.

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If the phone is under a verizon plan, you can send an email with the attachment to (replace “phonenumber” with the phone number, of course).

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MMS and email is basically the same thing, so do what eambos said.

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You may send someone a picture message through e-mail but not through SMS. Anyways email goes to phones and computers right?

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