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Should I wait to buy a new iMac?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) September 13th, 2008

I have heard rumors that Apple is releasing a new iMac before the holidays. Anyone know anything about them? Is it worth waiting or will the changes be minimal?

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It’s basically up to you, the iMac is in about the middle of the average product cycle for iMacs so it is possible (and rumored) that a new version will come out before the holiday season, there is supposedly a Mac event on October 14th coming up at which iMac may be introduced. If not then they may be introduced early next year.

Generally the form factor doesn’t change radically- all in one with a screen, thin. So you’ll basically be waiting for hardware upgrades such as more memory, better graphics card and increased hard-drive capacity (no guarantees). It’s up to you if increased performance is important to you, I would wait personally but I’m a ‘new and shiny whore’!

For future reference, you should check out the Mac Rumors Buyer’s Guide.

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i would just buy one right away if i had the money – provided that i have already made up my mind on which mac to get. don’t worry. no matter what, it will serve it’s purpose. unless otherwise you are just getting a mac so that you can have a mac…

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why buy a new one, when you can buy mine!! I am trying to sell mine. I just got this amazing deal on another computer, and I’d like to sell my iMac. It was the first model for 1499.99, I’ve upgraded it to 4GB of Ram, had the larger hard drive, and the better graphics. Let me know if you’re interested.

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I think that if they would have announced one before the holidays, they would have done so at the apple event last week.

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@justin5824: The event last week was an iPod event which always occurs at about this time every year, Apple also often introduce new computers around this time but almost never at the same event that they introduce the iPods.

Considering it is highly likely that there will be an Apple event on October 14th, I doubt they will not update their Macs soon, not necessarily the iMac, but MacBooks and Mac Pros are very likely.

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I refer you to this Question

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Just wait a little longer.. ;)

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You shouldn’t wait, you should buy my Imac with 4 GO Ram and 700 HardDisk… : )

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The iMac has been the most up to date, I know a few people who work at Apple and the inside scoop is new Macbooks, and also nothing is changing in function or hardware only the looks, so if you are gonna wait you would just be wasting your time.

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