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What's a good general-purpose Linux IDE?

Asked by Anaphase (768points) September 14th, 2008

I’m looking for something that has HTML, Javascript, PHP, Java, and C++ support if at all possible.

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mhm, well I use Gedit but all that is, is a simple text editor with nice theming. I use Eclipse for Java which is cool, anything else besides that I don’t know. Although I’d be interested in finding out, so if anyone does have a good alternative, please do stand up :)

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Geany! It’s perfect. If you’re using ubuntu, ‘sudo apt-get install geany’ in a terminal.

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Eclipse is the best but it’s so heavy… For the HTML, Javascript and PHP part Bluefish is an excellent choice, but otherwise you’ll probably want to go for Eclipse (especially for Java).

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Geany is nice, but I personally enjoy Aptana . It doesn’t do C++ but I know Geany does. I’d also have to go for Eclipse as far as raw power goes. It might be heavy but that badboy is a workhorse.

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I like ActiveState Komodo on Linux. From what it sounds like, it’s what you want – except for C++ support, which it doesn’t have (unless they’ve added that in the past year), so you’d have to find that separately I guess.

ActiveState’s description of it: “Code client-side and browser-side apps simply and naturally with advanced support for Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and more.”

I also like NetBeans a lot; I’ve only used it for Java (Swing & J2ME/MIDP development (separate projects)), but I liked it better than Eclipse for that, and these days it’s got support for all kinds of different languages/platforms, including C/C++.

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Oh yeah! I’ll second Netbeans. I don’t even know why I didn’t suggest that first! Nice one @jasonjackson

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Yeah, I’ve used NetBeans for Mac (Java only) and loved it. I didn’t think it supported web development. I’ll look into it.

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