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Need help logging in to backtrack 4 from a thumb drive?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) January 18th, 2010

I just used Unetbootin to install backtrack 4 onto my thumb drive, i let it boot from the drive and a terminal interface came up. it just said @root and thats it.

im trying to get into the gui, but i dont know of any login/pass


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You should be able to type “startx” to start the X server. That should bring you to a desktop, if you have a GUI installed. Be very careful though – the root user can change just about anything on the system, so it’s very easy to break something. You may want to add a new user with limited permissions.

In the terminal:

# adduser <type username>

You will then be asked for some details – define a password, etc…

You should then be able to type:

# exit

Which will present you with a login prompt, allowing you to log in under the limited account you just created.

My apologies if you know this already, I’m just making a few assumptions given the question.

If “startx” doesn’t work, let us know.

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