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Do you still have a callus next to the index finger of your writing hand?

Asked by Jeruba (52077points) 1 month ago

Or is it gone because you do all your writing at the keyboard now?

And what about your handwriting?

I probably write a lot more by hand than the average person. Yet I just realized that the callus on the side of my third finger is nearly gone. This makes me sad.

What about you? Is it all keyboard and no pens or pencils? Do you even have recognizable handwriting any more?

Do your kids have any real handwriting style at all?

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Later more on the calluses, but first this:
Yesterday I wrote an instruction on how to use certain buttons on a ‘dumb’ phone, for my father.
It was on a paper with a photo of the phone keyboard on it, whereon I wrote it by hand.
Since, apparently, I don’t write as much by hand anymore, I noticed that my handwriting has decreased in neatness, and style.
Where I use to get compliments for my print-ish looking style…
No more.

I don’t think, or can’t recall at least, I ever had a callus from writing by hand.
What I did have though, were calluses, and indentations on my middle finger and index finger, from holding brushes, when I was a house painter.
The index finger even had a slight bow in it.

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I do still have the callous, but it is much smaller. I switch between cursive and printing even in the same word when writing. My writing is pretty bad, so that’s why I print a lot. I hope @rebbel’s dad learned to use the phone.

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There are still remnants of it on my middle finger.

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@rebbel WTH does Obama have to do with your writing deteriorating?

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It’s pretty well gone, although I do hand write stuff, still. I hand write recipes, I tweak them so much that printing them out is silly. I do some crosswords and puzzles by hand, many little reminder notes, stuff like that.
Now that you mention it,it makes me a little sad.

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I still write quite a lot. I don’t remember having a callus though. My handwriting is still very good.

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It is a meme, satirising conservative’s need to blame Obama for all their ills.,_Obama

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No, but I’ve been almost exclusively on a computer since 1996.

My daughter does though as she likes to write.

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@ragingloli, @rebbel – ohhhh, ok. Makes sense now. ;)

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I do have a smaller version of the writing callus. My handwriting is still legible, and sometimes quite nice.

One thing I notice is signatures, because I work in a bank. The younger the person, generally, the less the way they sign looks like a signature. It’s more like scribbled printing.

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