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What’s the longest you went without food?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11409points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Not talking about medical procedure preparation, religious practice, protest, or other voluntary periods of hunger where food was available.

I mean times when there was no food to eat. Maybe you were on a lifeboat. Maybe you were homeless. Maybe you were lost in the woods. Maybe you were traveling. Maybe you were in a war.

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Involuntarily, I had a bad infection and couldn’t keep down any food for 2–3 days. They gave me an IV until they got control of the infection.

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But I voluntarily fasted for 5 days once.

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Except for some drinking binges in my young and dumb years, never.

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Long enough to fall over from bodily weakness and nausea.

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What was the situation @ragingloli?

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It was a time where I did not have enough money to buy food. Luckily, on that same day I decided to start raiding supermarket dumpsters.

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Sick as a teenager, ginger ale only for 8 days.

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@Tropical_Willie Oh yeah, that’s tough. I forgot about my mononucleosis bout as a teenager, I was mostly dead for a month. :D

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7 day’s. I was in hospital for stomach pains. As a teenager.

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I think 48 hours.

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Lost 25 pounds over the summer.

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Never for me. There was always food. Always.

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Other than from being sick or voluntarily, never. I have been very fortunate.

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I’m mistaken, I’ve always had food to eat. I didn’t read it carefully enough. It would be less than a day that I didn’t have food for some odd circumstance like being away from home or stuck in traffic. Anything over a day is illness or medical procedure.

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I do not recall going without food for a day.

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Not exactly what you are asking, but I had dinner when I was young in San Francisco, at a Doggie Diner, and I couldn’t keep any food down for 2 weeks.
I kept working during that time. By the end I was incredibly weak.

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In a delirium last year, five days.

Once, homeless, two days, then I sold some blood.

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Voluntarily I have fasted for a day and a half. It’s easier than you think. Involuntarily like three days after being sick.

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Other than for a hospital procedure I cannot think of any time.

Food has always been available. I am not choosy and can always find something to eat.
My parents always had some food on the shelf. I do the same now. I am very fortunate.

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One day. And I thought I would DIE!

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I think the closest I came to having no food for an extended period of time was when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. My mouth swelled up so much I couldn’t open my mouth enough to get a fork or spoon in. I lived on milkshakes for about 5 days.

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Never entirely, but I’ve come pretty close. My husband and I were broke more than once in the bad old days. We pulled off some miracles with frozen chicken giblets and a little bouillon plus an overgrown carrot or two and some parsley left in the garden from the summer’s crop.

One time we went to a party empty-handed and came home with two leftover heads of lettuce. Combing through coat pockets got us enough to buy a packet of yeast (about 26 cents). He baked two loaves of bread using what we had in house, and we lived on lettuce sandwiches for a week until somebody paid us. Life of a freelancer.

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You realistically can go with out food for the rest of your life.

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When I started sinking into the depths of poverty after my divorce, when he quit paying child support, we had no food one day. I scraped together a few bucks and bought 3 of the biggest potatoes I could find.
The kids were in no danger because they got free meals at school, but I was on my own.
I had never heard of Food Stamps. I had no idea such a thing existed.
So I get home and start cutting up the tatoes….everyone was rotted out inside.
I gasped, then locked myself in my bedroom and bawled my eyes out.
I took them back to the store and got new ones. I really kind of made a scene. Poor clerk.
I made him cut each one in half to be sure they weren’t rotten.
Soon after I learned about food stamps and life got SO much easier.

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I did some fasting in my younger days. 10 days was the longest. The first few days are very rough. Food fantasies control the mind.

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