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Targeting Mid-Tier B Schools, is my profile good enough? Should I give GMAT again and aim for a higher score?

Asked by nadeemyoosuf (7points) October 21st, 2021

Hey everyone,

I’m very confused about giving my GMAT again, I’ll give you a brief about my profile.

In many ways, I’m a typical IT Indian Male Engineer. But during my final year, I was falling out of love with Computer Science. I wanted to explore, so I did Online courses in Marketing. After graduation, I had a varied work ex.

[u]Work Experience:
Koldplay Cremerie – Marketing Intern – 0 Years 6 Months.
• A company with 10–20 employees manufacturing and selling ice-creams in Mumbai
• Managed Social Media
• Involved in the entire operations, learnt a lot about the industry

Self Employed
• A small company with 10–20 employees in the Beverages and Food industries
• Joined family business for 6 Months
• Was involved in Logistics and Storage, learnt about the beverages and cashew industry

MiM Essay – Operations Associate – 0 Years 10 Months.
• A small company with <10 employees in the Education Consultancy industry
• Led Operations, Client Engagement, and was involved in Marketing
• Learnt a lot about SEO, client communications, essay writing and more

Sutherland Global Services – Content Writer – 0 Years 3 Months.
• MNC in Customer Service and Research
• Improved Communication Skills

Byju’s – Business Development Associate – 0 Years 1 Months.
• World’s largest Ed Tech company
• Very valuable Sales experience, learnt a lot

Sutherland Global Service – Business Analyst & Project Manager – 2 Years 10 Months.
• Managed a chatbot development team – Lots of big name clients
• Learnt a lot about management, communications, technologies, AI, NLP, etc.

[b]GMAT – 660 (Q-49, V-30, IR-8, AWA-5)[/b]
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence: India

[b]My undergrad scores and experience was very weak.

University of Mumbai – B.Tech (Comp Engg) 6.5/10 CGPA
• Involved in Sports and Extracurriculars
• Member of Creative Team (Commercium)

12th: 76%, BBPS, Mumbai
• Involved in Sports, part of State Football Team

10th: 9.6/10 CGPA, BBPS, Mumbai

[b]I’m planning to do my MBA:
Aiming for colleges in European like: TCD, UCD, Manchester Business School, ESMT Berlin, and colleges in the same league. [/b]

Any tips or questions would be very much appreciated, but I have a few specific questions into which I would love some insight as well:
• Which other schools should I target?
• Any thoughts on whether my target schools are reasonable based on my profile?
• Is my profile good enough to get decent scholarships in the school I am targeting?
• What more I can do to strengthen my profile so that my chances of making to these and other prestigious schools increase? (I’m planning to do Google’s Data Science Certification because I want to be a Project Manager or a Senior Data Analyst, and work with a lot of Data)

Thank you so much for your time, and I value your honest opinions!

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I don’t even remember my GMAT score but it was in that range and I did not bother to retest. B-line business schools here in the U.S. seem to care more about your work experience. Most will have a formula that includes your GMAT + experience and other things. An MBA is useful but for a project manager a PMP certification is the preferred qualification here and it’s easier to get than an MBA.

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Your GMAT is fine if you only intend to apply to mid-tier schools. Top schools have an almost absolute cut-off at 700, so you’re not that far.

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Thanks a lot @bob_ and @Blackwater_Park !
I am planning for Fall 2022 intake, so this is what I think I’ll do next:

1. GMAT would improve my chances, but its not the main priority, so I’ll give it again only if I have time
2. A PMP certification seems like a short time investment, I can go for this
3. Look at the Job Descriptions of my dream jobs and work towards improving the skills I lack (Project Manager working with lots of Data is one, maybe an Operations Analyst in Uber or something would be interesting – I honestly need to do more research on this)

My question is:
Is the GMAT okay for the schools I mentioned? (TCD, UCD, Manchester Business School, ESMT Berlin)
Would you consider these to be elite B Schools or Mid-Tier ones? The average GMAT is around that range but I feel my GPA is weak, so would I have to make up for it in some way? And what should I do to improve my resume if that’s the case?

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